Rebounding With or Without Shoes – Which is Better?

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Some individuals hop barefoot while others wear socks or shoes, as you may have observed. Thus, the debate arises as to whether shoes or bare feet are superior for rebounding. It relies on your physical fitness and rebounding ability. 

Today, we teach you the advantages and disadvantages of rebounding with or without shoes. Read the article to see how rebounding affects both shod and barefoot jumpers. We have also discussed the optimal footwear for trampoline exercises and rebounding. 

Let’s get started!

Rebounding With or Without Shoes: Which Is Better?

Rebound Without Shoes

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Generally, it is advisable to be barefoot while rebounding at home since it is advantageous for balance. Barefoot assists you in developing healthy foot muscles. Additionally, it is more comfortable than wearing boots. 

But wait, there is more: Being barefoot improves your grip and control. Also, the boot may get sweaty, which causes pain and may lead to injuries; thus, going barefoot is preferable.

Remember that barefoot gives fantastic results but is not appropriate for long-term rebounding or anyone with joint problems. But if you intend to rebound barefoot for an extended period, your feet may get sore. Therefore, you must take breaks after a period of rebounding to alleviate the ache.

Rebounding With Shoes

Traditional footwear might harm the trampoline surface, such as boots and shoes. Therefore, you should avoid footwear other than soft sneakers that will not harm you or the mat. The Crossfit shoes and running shoes are soft and will not stain the foot; thus, they are suitable. 

People with ankle problems should exercise while wearing these boots since they are beneficial. They feature soles with exceptional traction, minimizing slippage. Additionally, if your feet have problems with rebounding, you may opt for the boot. 

When exercising on a rebounder, shoes may aid those with flat feet maintain balance.

Note: Similarly, trampoline-friendly soft socks are also worn. Socks are often worn on warm days when the mat becomes heated. Socks minimize heat on the feet and avoid slipping on the rebound.

Best Shoes for Rebounding

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1. Joyfay Unisex Rebounding Shoe

If you want to get a set of rebounding shoes suitable for the entire family, the unisex Joyfay Shoe is excellent. Therefore, there is no need to purchase separate pairs of boots for the husband and lady of the house.

The exquisite style of the handmade boot will be the first thing to impress everyone. It claims to maintain cool feet without causing sweat.

These gymnastics shoes are designed specifically for fitness and bouncing, and as a result, they burn 20% additional calories than conventional boots. This boot produces a double bounce while rebounding, one from the rebounder and one from the boot itself. At the same time that it helps fight osteoporosis, it improves your posture and cardiovascular health.


If you want to lose weight or engage in intense exercise for longer, we suggest you use adult trampolines while wearing Joyfay shoes for maximum output.

2. Capezio Women’s EM1 Shoe

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This Agility shoe is ideal for training sessions. It is a flexible leather shoe that offers optimal protection and comfort. It is mainly for dance, not for pregnant women, although used for trampoline exercise.

The soles of Capezio Shoes are made of suede and rubber. These materials reduce the effect of rebounding, preventing discomfort in the feet and joints. In addition, the sock liner is constructed with sponge foam for further cushioning.

This shoe has an elastic strap that allows for a customized fit for different foot sizes. Additionally, it is customizable in white and black color choices.

3. Medusa Rubber Sole Shoes

It is your best option if you need excellent fitness sneakers for less than 10 to 20 dollars. Although these shoes are affordable, the Medusa shoe is more economical. 

This trampoline shoe exercise is a ballet shoe that provides additional flexibility and comfort. It enables the shoes to be worn with or without socks.

The elastic straps on the upper back of the trampoline shoes allow for effortless putting in and out. Also, it holds the feet appropriately to avoid ankle injuries. Additionally, there is more room for easier breathing.

4. Capezio Kid Agility EM1C Shoes

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As with other quality rebounding shoes, the exterior of the rebounding shoes for children is constructed of leather for exceptional durability. However, the stretchy topline and synthetic sole reduce sweat.

The stretchy heel cup offers a comfortable fit and minimizes blisters and injuries. Unique V-shaped gore makes putting on and taking off the shoes a breeze. A stretchable panel provides for a customizable fit.

The Capezio Kid Agility Shoe is particularly beneficial for children with flat feet. Whether they walk or jump on the trampoline, they feel like they have no shoes on due to their lightweight.

Benefits of Rebounding

Rebounding is an excellent approach to enhancing overall wellness. A rebounder is essentially an indoor mini-trampoline that is used safely. This activity is beneficial for the immune system, heart, and bones.

You lose a substantial amount of weight and improve your metabolism via rebounding. While bouncing on a rebounder, you improve lymphatic flow, which assists the body in eliminating toxins. It increases lymph fluid circulation ten times more than seated. 

As with most physical activity, it reduces stress and improves oxygen circulation. In addition to strengthening the heart, muscles, and cells, it increases bone density and improves balance. As a result, you are less prone to get ill.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should Shoes Be Worn on Trampolines?

In addition to being unsafe wearing shoes on a trampoline, they may also harm the mat. Due to high friction, wearing bulky shoes or trainers meant for use on the street might damage the bouncing mat to wear out quickly.

Can Rebounding Tighten Skin?

Rebounding strengthens the abdominal core muscles, back, legs, thighs, and buttocks. By strengthening these muscles on your small trampoline, you tighten the skin covering them.

Does Rebounding Reduce Belly Fat?

Rebounding is a terrific activity to include in any weight reduction program, particularly if you want to permanently eliminate stubborn belly fat that persists despite your best efforts with other exercises. Rebounding is simple and affordable, but it also gives health advantages that no other workout can match.

Does Rebounding Make You Poop?

Rebounding is beneficial for the intestines, particularly for people with persistent constipation. When the part of the brain responsible for controlling the stomach gets the pulsing rhythm provided by the nervous system, normal, regular bowel motions are restored.

Wrap Up

Uncertainty surrounds rebounding with or without shoes. Some claim that going barefoot is more beneficial, but others believe wearing shoes is preferable. However, according to this study, barefoot leaping gives more health advantages and safety when jumping for a shorter duration. 

However, you should choose trampoline boots if you plan to work out for an extended time or if you have joint discomfort. If you want to rebound while wearing boots, you may choose the finest shoes for trampoline exercises and rebound from the list above. 

And the final decision is yours based on your needs! Feel the change between rebounding with and without shoes.

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