Trampolines Recycle and Disposal: The Ultimate Guide

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Do you have a broken trampoline that’s beyond repair, and you are looking for a way to dispose of or reuse it? You can have DIY reuse or ask for a disposal service.

When your kids outgrow their trampolines, it’s time to change to new ones for a pleasant experience. And if you have a trampoline that doesn’t fit your space, then it’s time you remove it.

Dismantling the trampoline can be daunting; if you are alone, you should get assistance. Let’s check some trampoline recycling and disposal tips. 

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Can Trampolines be Recycled?

Absolutely! The trampoline parts can be recycled using metals that are acceptable as recycling materials. If your trampoline is beyond repair, don’t hesitate to declutter it.

Your local recycling center can help you dismantle the trampoline for recycling, and you can first visit their store or check online on their provisions for accepting the materials. 

4 DIY Ways to Dispose and Recycle Trampoline Parts

DIY options are a good way of disposing of your trampoline. Let’s check some of the transformations you can make.

1. Trampoline Hammock

Have you considered using the trampoline springs to make a porch swing or a swinging bed to relax after a long work day? However, you must have some tools and skills or ask someone with experience to help for safety purposes.

After making the porch, you can suspend it in your bedroom or garden using string ropes and place a soft bed.

2. Chicken Pen

The mesh part of the trampoline can make a fancy pen for your chicken to prevent them from breaking into the garden. The best part is the wires are held closely together, and it’s hard for them to sneak out.

Use a welding wire alongside the springs to fix the wire firmly on the ground. Again, you can flip the trampoline frame and wrap it with the welded wire and remember to make an opening for your pets to run in.

3. Hanging Plants

You can use your broken trampoline parts to make a crafty and decorative area for your plants. Disconnect every spring, join the first one with the porch, and let your plant hang on the other side.

You can place the trampoline springs against the wall and hang some planter pots to make a beautiful makeshift garden for a beautiful and aesthetic home.

4. Elevated Garden

When making an elevated garden, you can use the trampoline parts to keep it firm as you upcycle the trampoline springs for your plants to maintain an upturned position.

The flip-over and spacing of the plants will protect them from rodents using the rusting spring, bringing an aesthetic view.

Using the springless trampoline, you can also make a fancy garden arch for your beautiful flowers or grapevines by joining each half side with wood or steel and then cover with mesh.

The trampoline frame parts can be extended using steel to create a greenhouse framework alongside some plastics for shade.

How Can I Dispose of the Trampoline Mat and Net?

You make an excellent weed mat from the old jumping mat for your plants. The mat offers a good cover; you can cut it to your desired shape. You can also use the netting to cover ripened fruits on trees or tiny seedlings in the vegetable garden.

The netting can be helpful in your kid’s playtime as you can make primary soccer goals by cutting it into two sections with cuttings on each side to ensure the net slides easily into the pole.

Can a Trampoline Removal Service Help?

If you feel disposing of the trampoline is the best option, it’s time to go for it. The best part is a trampoline removal company will be ready to assist.

They will help you eliminate large trampolines, springless trampolines, and kids’ trampolines, among others, to create space for other activities.

If you want to dismantle the trampoline by yourself, no worries; get the tools that include an electric drill, spring puller, and wrench for loosening the nuts.

Final Thoughts

When your trampoline gets old and starts feeling weak, it’s time to eliminate it by either disposing it through a recycling company or implementing some DIY tricks for reusing it in other activities.

You can make a fantastic chicken enclosure or elevated garden using the springs to add an aesthetic feel to your garden plus, you can also invent new tricks with time. All the best as you decide between disposing of and recycling your worn-out trampoline.

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Shmulik Dorinbaum

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