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Exciting News for All Trampoline Enthusiasts! A Leap Ahead with Our Latest Acquisition.

Hello, dear trampoline lovers and dedicated followers of TrampolineFlight!

This is Shmulik Dorinbaum, the proud owner of TrampolineFlight, and today I have some truly exhilarating news for all of you. I am thrilled to announce that TrampolineFlight has recently acquired PickMyTrampoline.com, one of the top resources in the trampoline world. This merger brings together two powerhouses in the trampoline domain, and it’s a testament to our commitment to providing you, our readers, with the most comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date information on all things trampoline.

So, what does this mean for you?

  1. Enhanced Content – With the amalgamation of PickMyTrampoline.com, we now have access to a vast treasure trove of knowledge and expertise. Expect richer, more detailed articles, reviews, and insights on trampolines that you won’t find anywhere else.
  2. A Unified Platform – Combining the strengths of both sites ensures that you have a one-stop-shop for all your trampoline needs, from finding the best products to mastering those intricate jumps and flips.
  3. Engaging Community Activities – With a larger community comes more engagement. Look forward to contests, giveaways, and interactive features that will make your experience with us even more rewarding.
  4. Expert Opinions – We are now backed by a bigger team of trampoline enthusiasts, professionals, and experts. This will guarantee the accuracy and quality of the information we provide.

Why did we decide to make this move?

Over the years, both TrampolineFlight and PickMyTrampoline.com have thrived in their respective niches. However, the vision was always clear – to elevate the trampoline community, to serve you better, and to establish a singular platform that stands tall as an authority. This merger is a leap toward that vision, and I am extremely excited about the path ahead.

On a personal note, I’d like to express my gratitude to all of you. It’s your passion, support, and feedback that have brought us this far. I am eager to embark on this new journey with all of you, and together, we will make TrampolineFlight the ultimate destination for trampoline aficionados around the world.

I’d also like to extend a warm welcome to all the loyal followers of PickMyTrampoline.com. You are now a part of the TrampolineFlight family, and we promise to uphold the same values, commitment, and quality that you’ve come to expect.

Lastly, a big shout out to the amazing team behind PickMyTrampoline.com for making this merger smooth and efficient. Your dedication and expertise are invaluable, and together, we’ll bounce to greater heights!

So, strap in and get ready for a fantastic journey ahead. The sky’s the limit, and together, we’re about to soar!

Bounce high, land safe, and always keep the passion alive!


Shmulik Dorinbaum
Owner, TrampolineFlight

Shmulik Dorinbaum

Shmulik Dorinbaum

I like to jump, as high as I can, so what else I can do in these days? in these quarantine days? to jump on my large-sized trampoline! (an extreme jumper)