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Do you want an outdoor trampoline for your backyard? It seems like one of the best options for people who have children with extra energy. Though you can find a kids trampoline that goes inside, many people want something that can go outside. That way, your kids are in the fresh air and aren’t tempted to play on their smart devices.

Today, we’re going to talk about the 8 best cheap trampolines on the market to help you decide which one is right for you. Buying a trampoline doesn’t have to be challenging. Just make sure that it has the proper safety features, such as an enclosure net and a galvanized steel frame. You also want a jumping surface made of high-quality materials that are going to help you jump high while staying safe. Round trampolines are the most popular, but you can find different shapes. Let’s take a look at these eight products to find out which is the safest trampoline for an affordable price.

North Gear 8ft Trampoline Set

If you’re looking for a long-lasting trampoline, then you may want the round one from North Gear. It’s 8 feet wide and can provide your kids with plenty of exercise and fun. We like the polypropylene mesh material for the jumping area. However, the safety pad covers the springs, so you aren’t going to get pinched while you’re jumping.

We also like that the safety net is durable and strong enough to withstand years of use. This 8ft trampoline ensures that your kids aren’t going to fall out, even if they have a wayward jump. This trampoline features a ladder and cover, as well. Plus, it has a weight capacity of 220 pounds, making it ideal for two children or one adult.

Giantex 8ft Trampoline with Enclosure

If you want the best round trampoline, the one from Giantex might be suitable. It’s a low-cost version, but you can bet that it’s got the safety features you crave. For example, the trampoline mat is strong and durable, so it’s not going to break as you jump. The frame and springs are made of galvanized steel for durability. Plus, these trampolines come with three U-shaped legs to help with stability.

The features don’t end there because the spring cover goes over the springs so that no one can see them. This ensures that your fingers and toes don’t get pinched as you climb onto the trampoline.

You can also appreciate that this trampoline offers a weight limit of 200 pounds. Plus, the safety net is highly durable. Most of them are saggy and added as an afterthought. However, this net is a little less flexible. Kids aren’t going to get hurt when accidentally jumping into the net, but it’s not going to give too much.

NINO Trampoline, 8 Feet Diameter

If you’ve got small children, you may prefer the NINO Trampoline because it’s got a durable jumping surface, but it’s not too bouncy. The frame is made of galvanized steel to be rust-resistant and safe to use outside. We like that the jumping mat is made of polypropylene, which is UV resistant and comfortable to use for long periods.

This trampoline with safety enclosure could be the best trampoline out there. We like the different colors, which makes it unique and fun for the backyard. The net enclosure is durable and strong. Plus, it features a bright zippered area, so the kids know where to go to get out of it. This net isn’t going to sag or droop, though you should ask your children not to pull on it. Still, if they go a little crazy, they can’t fall off of the trampoline.

Skywalker Jump N Dunk Trampoline – Best Overall and Comes with Safety Enclosure Net, 8 Feet Diameter

If you want the best rectangular trampolines, Skywalker has many available. However, this Skywalker trampoline could be the best choice for you because it’s a round trampoline with W-shaped legs. The steel frame is quite durable, so you know it’s a high-quality product. We also like that the basketball hoop is included with your purchase. It’s attached to the net at the top, so the kids can pretend they’re dunking basketballs all day.

You’re going to appreciate the 3-year warranty on the trampoline frame. It’s made to last a long time, and there’s a 1-year warranty on other components, including the jumping mat, basketball hoop, and net enclosure.

We also like that the net is UV-resistant, which means the kids aren’t going to get sunburned while playing all day. Still, use your judgment and provide sunscreen for long usage of the trampoline.

Skywalker Round Trampoline, 8 Feet

When you choose the Skywalker trampolines, you’re getting something sturdy and durable. The frame is made of galvanized steel, so it’s quite rust-resistant. One of the features we like best here is that there are U-shaped legs, but there are balanced contact points, too. This makes it safer and more durable. You also get the ladder included, which makes it easier to get up onto the jumping mat from the ground.

There are 48 steel springs around the perimeter, so you know the kids are going to have fun bouncing. They attach directly to the frame and the jumping mat, but the springs are covered so that you don’t get hurt.

This trampoline features a weight capacity of 442 pounds, so it’s suitable for an adult and a few kids. While it isn’t very large, everyone can have fun bouncing. One thing we weren’t sure about was the netting. It goes all the way to the outside of the trampoline, so there’s a risk of your kids jumping onto the springs.

SportsPower Heavy-Duty Outdoor Trampoline, 8 Feet Diameter

Many people haven’t heard of SportsPower, but it is an excellent trampoline and has a low price. You can also choose different colors for even more fun. We like that the frame is durable and made of steel. There are T-weld legs and a foam pad along the outer edge.

This trampoline features quality construction all around. The netting is UV-treated, and the mat is designed to last a long time. You’re also going to like the bullseye in the center of the trampoline. That shows kids where they should jump to stay protected and safe. Plus, you also get the anchor set with this trampoline.

Amidoa Trampoline, 8 Feet Diameter

Those who want a trampoline with many features are sure to like the Amidoa brand. It’s low-cost, but it’s still safe for the kids to use every day. We like that the springs and frame are made of steel, so the trampoline can stay outside without rusting or getting damaged. Plus, the jump mat is durable and made of polypropylene for just enough bounce.

This trampoline comes with a ladder to help the kids get inside without pinching their toes or hands. The netting zips open and closed and is bright yellow. There’s so much to like about this trampoline, and you’re especially going to enjoy the small price you pay for all the fun you’re going to have.

JumpKing Oval Trampoline, 12×8 Feet

It’s hard to find a trampoline in an oval shape, but the JumpKing brand has you covered. We like the over-under spring system it offers because it gives more bounciness and is still safe for kids. There’s also some extra padding over the springs with this trampoline. That way, you don’t have to worry about your children hurting their hands and feet.

You’re going to appreciate the trampoline cover to keep it away from bad weather. This lets you have the trampoline set up throughout the year, saving you time and energy. It supports 220 pounds, making it ideal for one adult or a couple of kids. Plus, it comes with netting that keeps the children inside on the mat and away from the edges.


Typically, the best trampolines are those that are 8 feet wide. You want something that is ideal for smaller children and adults so that the whole family can jump and enjoy themselves. There are plenty of trampolines out there, and we’ve talked about many different ones. We know that you’re here to find the right product. Skywalker Trampolines have everything you require and come in various sizes and styles. If you want high bounce, then this is the best trampoline for kids and adults. You’re going to enjoy playing with the basketball while your feet get to jump high. The Skywalker brand also offers a rectangular trampoline. It’s 8-foot by 15-foot, making it ideal for those who want more jumping room.

You’ve probably read various trampoline reviews, but we hope that this one gave you the most information about trampolines and which option to get for your backyard. Though Skywalker is a top brand, any of these products are sure to put a smile on your child’s face.

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Shmulik Dorinbaum

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