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Bounce Pro trampolines are one option if you are looking for a new trampoline to put in your yard. These products have some pros and cons, but on the whole, they provide great value for money as well as a great time bouncing on the springs. In this Bounce Pro trampoline review, you can learn more about the different Bounce Pro models, the best features they offer, what they are made of, and extra general information to help you get a trampoline you are sure of. You can also find out what customer trampoline reviews have to say about these trampolines.

Bounce Pro has been manufacturing trampolines for some time. The best selling points of these trampolines include sturdiness, safety, clear assembly instructions, as well as affordable price. On the other hand, some of the main complaints and criticisms about these trampolines are about the assembly time to get the product ready for use and the quality control, which can get quite long.

Reviews of the Best Bounce Pro Trampolines

There are several size options from the Bounce Pro trampolines lineup. You can find options for small kids, older kids, as well as adults. Many people enjoy these different options that are made especially to be enjoyed by a growing family. The products in this review can be purchased directly on Amazon, where you can read the full trampoline reviews from many other past customers who were satisfied as well as dissatisfied.

Bounce ProTrampoline (7′ My First Trampoline Hexagon)

This 7′ Bounce Pro Trampoline comes in a hexagonal shape and is perfect as the very first trampoline for your young kids. It is recommended for children between the ages of 3 and 10 years. It is available in blue as well as green.

Many safety details make this a great choice for your kids. You can set it up in the backyard and know that your kids are having fun jumping in it with little risk of injury. There is a three-arched safety closure netting that keeps your kids from falling out of the trampoline. It has great visibility to make sure that parents can keep a watchful eye on the little ones even from a distance. Jumpers are protected from the springs by the UV-resistant jump mat combined with the padded cover for the springs. The trampoline has great stability and balance and is hed up by blow-molded plastic legs. Additionally, the frame poles are covers in foam padding for safety. The frame is well-made from galvanized steel to keep it rust-free.

Children can gain easy access to the jumping mat through the zippered owning of the enclosure net. The maximum user weight capacity of this Bounce Pro model is 100 pounds. There is a mix of reviews for this model, but most customers say that the trampoline was easy to set up and that their toddlers, as well as younger kids, had a lot of fun using it.

BouncePro New My First Jump and Swing

The Bounce Pro My First Jump and Swing is a new product from Bounce Pro. It is similar to the previous small size model, including the galvanized steel frame. The only difference is that this model of a trampoline comes with the addition of a swing on the trampoline side. The age range for this product is also 3 to 10 years only. This product is good for people who want their kids to have many fun options in the backyard. It is available in green, blue, and black. The addition of the blow-molded seat allows kids to take turns with the two activities.

The safety features are the same as the ones for the previous 7′ Bounce Pro trampoline. This model’s weight limit is 100 pounds, and it is recommended that parents restrict jumping on the trampoline to only one child at a time. Additionally, you must make sure this product is only used under adult supervision. The trampoline can be used indoors and outdoors.

Bounce Pro 55 My First Trampoline

If you want another of the best trampolines for the younger age group, consider the Bounce Pro 55. It is a much smaller trampoline than the 7′ once, with a diameter of 55 inches. It comes in green and has a safety enclosure netting with high visibility. This small-sized trampoline is easy to assemble and highly portable. You can use it indoors and outdoors all year round.

It is well-made with a range of safety features. These include a galvanized steel frame with rust-resistance, UV-resistant netting and jump mat, a printed jump mat center, and a padded spring cover to offer protection from the springs.

The frame has a 7-year warranty, while the mat has a 3-year warranty. The warranty for the overall product, including the springs, is 1-year. Most of the reviews on this product comment on how easy it is to move the trampoline around.

Bounce Pro Trampoline (14-Foot)

For people who want a large trampoline suitable for adults, then you can consider the Bounce Pro 14′ trampoline. This blue-gray trampoline comes with a safety enclosure to keep jumpers from falling out while jumping. There is also a basketball hoop, and included basketball and pump for even more outdoor fun. You can also make it part of your backyard exercise regime.

Some of the Bounce Pro 14 trampoline’s best features include the galvanized steel frame, which is resistant to rust, the especially engineering jump mat, which has undergone over 5000 hours of UV testing, and the polyethylene enclosure netting, which is also UV-resistant. The springs are covered with a foam pad to limit the impact. The frame is supported by patented technology to reinforce the joints and prevent them from breaking. This trampoline model is very stable and has a steel U-leg design for maximum balance. This trampoline is highly durable and can support a weight capacity of 220 pounds.

Bounce Pro 15′ Trampoline

There are various options for a 15-foot trampoline model from this brand. This model comes with a basketball and an enclosure to make sure that you and the whole family are safe while you jump. This product is very similar to the 14′ trampoline with some minor differences apart from the size. The Slama Jama basketball system makes for a lot of extra backyard fun. It can be easily attached to the poles of the enclosure.

The frame and leg of this model are well-made from high-quality, heavy-duty galvanized steel. This provides superior durability and stability. Many of the protective features and design highlights of this trampoline are found in the 14′ product. When jumping on this trampoline, you do not have to get worried about the problem of a sagging net. The patented SteelFlex system prevents this. The trampoline can also accommodate a high weight capacity.

You get a 1-year warranty on the whole product. The steel frame itself is covered for 7 years, while the jump mat is covered for 3 years.


Trampoline reviews can help you be sure which is the best trampoline model for you and your children. There are many factors to consider, including the quality of materials the product is made from, price, and safety design. You can compare the Bounce Pro trampoline brand to other competitor trampolines such as Skywalker. The various models available from Bounce Pro give you a good variety. Whether you have younger children or are looking to get a larger trampoline for the whole family, you can pick one of the range if you want a high-quality product for an affordable price.

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