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A trampoline tent is a cover that you put on the trampoline for more security. In a sense, it prevents small kids from bouncing out of the trampoline enclosure cover and also protects the trampoline from the rain and sun.

Trampolines provide a means for kids to burn off excess energy, and there are plenty of options out there. However, they can be dangerous, even with a regular net. The best trampoline tents are those that match the size of your trampoline and offer the right covering for your needs.

There multiple products out there, but we think the list below includes the best trampoline tents out there right now. If you’re interested in a trampoline tent for your trampoline, now is the right time to go searching. That way, you can protect your trampoline in all types of weather and keep your kids safe with the tent.

JumpSport Trampoline Tent

When you want the best trampoline tents, you may want to consider this brand. Its trampoline tent features a no-pole design. This means that the kids aren’t going to hurt themselves on the trampoline while inside the trampoline tent.

It’s important to understand that trampolines can be dangerous, but with trampoline tents, you protect the springs and the bungee cords. Some trampolines are made differently, so it’s important that you look for a tent that comes with safety bungee cords. That way, the tent attaches securely to the trampoline.

You can give your trampoline a zippered entrance. This means that there’s only one place to enter, and it’s easier to keep an eye on everyone. You’re going to appreciate that this product is weather-resistant, too. Therefore, you can leave the trampoline up throughout the seasons without doing any damage.

With this option, it’s considered mid-sized and can fit round trampolines that are about 12 to 14 feet wide.

Propel Trampolines Trampoline Club House

When it comes to buying trampoline tents, there are plenty of options. We think the Propel brand of trampoline tent is ideal because it comes with 3 screened windows with adjustable covers.

The Trampoline Clubhouse tent measures about 180 inches from top to bottom, making it stand 15 feet high. We like that this trampoline tent includes 6 enclosure poles and a safety enclosure net. There are also adjustable covers, which means you can make the Trampoline Clubhouse work for your needs effortlessly.

You’re going to appreciate that this trampoline tent is weather-resistant. It fits trampolines that are also 15 feet wide. One good thing about this product is how easy it is to install. Just drop it over and tie it to the trampoline frame and posts. You get three windows, and each one has a screen. There are also durable walls with a zippered door.

We feel that this brightly colored trampoline tent is ideal for families that live in good weather conditions. The ceiling design isn’t optimized for rain, so it can accumulate up there and create a well in the center.

Bazoongi Jump Pod Tree House Trampoline Tent

Most people have heard of the trampoline tents from Bazoongi. The Tree House is similar to the Circus Tent, but it is a little different. Both the Circus tent and the jump pod unit have a pointed top allowing the rain to fall off. You’re going to appreciate the fiberglass pole internal frame. It’s patented for the brand, so only this trampoline tent offers it.

With the fiberglass pole internal frame, you know it’s durable and safe for almost every situation. The trampoline frame needs to be strong, so it holds the jumpers. You should also be aware that this product only works with jump pod unit options from the same manufacturer (about 7.5 feet in diameter).

We like that this tent is made of polyester material. It’s going to protect your trampoline in all kinds of weather. In general, we feel this is a great choice if you’ve already got the trampoline unit. Otherwise, you’re going to have to measure it to ensure it fits your current trampoline.

Acon Trampoline Tent

Trampoline tents are incredibly popular for families with small children. However, some of them are a challenge to figure out. This trampoline tent features easy assembly, so you can get it set up in almost no time at all. It doesn’t look like much, but it fits round trampolines of 15 feet wide.

You can protect your trampoline with this tent, though it is a bit more expensive than some of the others. Still, the durability of the materials ensures that it’s strong enough to withstand years of use.

The one thing we did notice was that this product isn’t rainproof. Moisture can get inside the trampoline because of the windows. While this isn’t a huge concern, for something that expensive, this aspect should have been considered and reconfigured.

We really like the Acon brand because it works with various trampolines and doesn’t require any modifications. You just pop it open, throw it over the trampoline, and start umping. However, we don’t recommend that you buy this product if you live in a rainy climate because it’s not going to offer as much protection as some of the others. Those who live in dry areas and have a large, round trampoline are sure to enjoy it, though.

Propel Trampolines Propel Shade Cover

The Propel Trampolines Shade Cover isn’t like your average trampoline tents. Though it’s similar to the others from this brand, the shade cover offers roof troughs to drain the water. This trampoline enclosure features a one-piece assembly, making it effortless to set up. However, there are open sides here, whereas some of the other trampoline tents fully enclosed the kids inside.

If you’ve got older children, this might not be a big deal. Also, you can see what’s happening inside while everyone is jumping. You’re also going to find that the children stay cool while they’re inside it. The polyester material is durable and keeps the rain off the trampoline and the jumpers. However, it is possible for everything to get drenched if there are high winds with the rain.

You should also be aware that this brand is only compatible with Kinetic and Propel trampolines. Therefore, if you don’t already own one, it might not be ideal for you. Those who do own those brands and want something well-ventilated are sure to appreciate this budget-friendly tent.


Those who want a trampoline tent cover are sure to appreciate the products mentioned here. There are plenty of trampoline cover options, but we think the best one could be the one from JumpSport Trampolines or the Propel Trampoline. They are both durable and protect a variety of trampolines on the market. However, you should be aware that each trampoline tent claims that it only works with certain brands.

The best thing you can do is find out which trampoline you currently own and look for the best trampoline tents that go along with it. Your kids are going to be happy because they can jump on the trampoline anytime because of the trampoline tent. While none of the products were perfect, there are many options. It comes down to what you need, where you live, and what trampoline you own as to which tent is right for you.

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