Best 12Ft Trampoline Types to Keep Your Kids Fit and Happy

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During summer, you’d want the kids to be preoccupied outdoors. What better way to keep them busy than get the best 12ft trampoline for your backyard! 

A 12ft trampoline has more ample space for the family. Everyone is surely going to love it, especially when they get to have fun as a group.

Twelve feet trampolines are perfect for kids from around eight years and can accommodate more than one child. They offer the best moments of fun and exercise for hours on end.

When it comes to choosing the best trampoline, many options come to mind. It can be relatively daunting to find one that suits your needs. 

But what we’ve listed below are the best 12 feet trampolines available today, and you can choose any one of them for your home or business without any doubt whatsoever.

Product Summary

Name of ProductTop Features
Skywalker 12ft Jump-N-Dunk Trampoline with enclosureRound trampolinePatented buttonhole systemHas galvanized steel frameDual zipper and latch clip for safetyIt comes with a basketball hoopNo space between the jumping surface and net
Upper Bounce 12 FT. Trampoline with enclosureHas thick foam padComes with 4 heavy-duty W-shaped legs8-row stitching equipmentHas polypropylene mesh and bouncer
Zupapa Trampoline – 12ft  with EnclosureHigh-grade materialsUltra-sturdy galvanized steel frame6 W-shaped legsHigh-level sewing to springs and mat firmSoft, protective pads
Merax 12ft Trampoline with EnclosureComes with a ladderUV proof safety net enclosureBasketball hoop included for more bouncing funRust-resistant steel galvanized frameFrame pad to offer extra protection300 lbs weight limit
ORCC Trampoline 12ft with Safety EnclosureSetup instructions attachedComes with a safety enclosureHigh-quality materialsComes with galvanized steel, anti-skid ladderU-shaped wind stakes400 lbs maximum weight capacity
Sportspower 12ft Trampoline with Enclosure
Galvanized Steel tube framesPatented T weld leg designUV resistant enclosure netting and matPadded safety padEnclosure ring
CalmMax 12ft Trump Recreational Trampoline with Enclosure NetDual zipper and latch clipGalvanized steel frame Safety enclosure netComes with ladder
Giantex 12 Ft Trampoline Combo Bounce Jump6 heavy-duty U-shaped legs Solid steel frame buildPadded protective foam polesSafety enclosure net375lbs weight capacityComes with various accessories

This review delves into five different 12ft trampolines that offer an upscale trampolining experience to your kids. As you look into each of them, be keen to look into their distinctive features to help you make the right purchasing decision.

Note that each of the 12ft trampolines below has its own strengths and weaknesses. But it’s best to focus on their distinctive features to determine what you need.

Here are our best 12ft trampolines for 2021;

1. Skywalker 12ft Trampoline with Enclosure

Skywalker trampoline with enclosure is one of the most sought-after trampolines with an attached patented button-hole system for added safety. With the system connected to the end of the mat, your child will not hit any spring and hurt themselves. Unlike other enclosures, Skywalker uses no ropes.

A good recommendation for kids 6 years and above, Skywalker can accommodate 3 to 4 kids. It has a durable design that interlocks with jump mat rings through the button-hole feature. This eliminates the gaps. Its upper enclosure is sturdy, thanks to the reinforced t-sockets connected to the galvanized steel frame. With six W-shaped legs, the trampoline has strong support and added safety for the kids while jumping.


Item color: Blue

Size: 12ft x 12ft x 9ft

Weight: 99lbs

Frame size: 12ft

Material: Steel

Weight capacity: 200lbs

You’re going to love Skywalker’s customer support, their response is quick, and their agents will meet you halfway, regardless of your problem. They even offer parts free of charge when you’ve run out of warranty!

Now you can see why Skywalker 12 feet is an excellent choice of a family trampoline.

It offers UV protectionIt uses 72 springsPrevents slipping Can accommodate 3 to 4 kidsIt’s not expensiveIt’s too conservative with its weight limit

Check out more features, reviews, and prices on Amazon

2. Upper Bounce 12ft Trampoline with Enclosure

Upper Bounce trampoline with enclosure stands out as a 330-pound maximum weight trampoline. Do you know what this means? You can jump together with your kids comfortably every time. This is a quality piece you’d want to have in your backyard.

Upper Bounce comes with a rust-resistant frame and steel springs. Its mat, safety pad, and safety enclosure are all UV resistant, meaning it’s ideal for outdoor use.  The enclosure connects to the jumping mat directly to protect you from falling and hurting yourself.


Product weight: 119.1lbs

Product material: Aluminum

Frame size: 10ft

Color: Blue

One thing you should know about Upper Bounce is that you can jump too high, so beware if you are a beginner. 

Its assembly is relatively easy; it never disappoints!

Precaution: Watch out for the safety enclosure as it can break easily

Robust, durable, and comfortableIt is easy to operateProvides maximum stability to users

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3. Zupapa 12ft Trampoline with Enclosure

The Zupapa 12ft trampoline with enclosure is very spacious and sturdy. It is designed using high-grade materials that withstand heavy usage.

Zupapa has used the hot-dip galvanization technique on the steel frame and net poles to make them last longer. The pads, mat, and net are UV resistant. Their materialS are made with UV-9 to ensure they last long outdoors.


Product weight: 211lbs

Color: Black/ blue

Material: Steel

Weight limit: 425lbs

Frame size: 12ft

No. of springs: 96

The trampoline can support up to 375 lbs of weight. It is built with 12 more galvanized springs to provide even weight support and higher, safer bouncing for the kids.

Zupapa 12ft package contains a non-slip ladder and durable PE and PVC rain cover. The jumping mat is constructed from polypropylene material, while the net is pure PE mesh material.

Easy to follow setup instructionsExcellent customer service and supportQuality mat and pad offer bouncing comfortPull-T hook to attach to springsEnsures safe bouncingElastic ties on the enclosure net are likely to break or loosenPlastic caps can deteriorate in harsh weather conditions

Check out more features, reviews, and prices on Amazon

4. Merax 12Ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

The Merax 12ft trampoline with safety enclosure comes with a ladder and basketball hoop. It is a BV certified basketball trampoline with weight support of 300 lbs to let you enjoy fun extras with your family.


Product size: 12ft

Material: Foam, steel

Weight limit: 300lbs

Frame Material: Alloy steel

Merax ships in three boxes that are relatively easy to assemble. The safety enclosure is 6.5ft high, and it attaches to the strong galvanized steel frame and the five foam padded poles. There’s also an extra thick pole the net attaches to. Kids can access the enclosure using the zipper.

Merax comes with 72 galvanized springs to ensure great bounces. 

Requires no extra toolsEasy to installMade of sturdy and durable materialsExcellent customer supportOffers extra entertainmentSafe and comfortable bounceThe ladder can hurt kids climbing with bare feetYou need an extra hand to assembleIncludes no stakes

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5. ORCC 12Ft Trampoline

ORCC is an excellent 12ft trampoline with superb features and quality material. It comes with 6 stakes to provide stability on the ground. 

ORCC 12ft is among the easiest trampolines to assemble and install. In about an hour and 90 minutes, you’ll be done setting your trampoline up. The package comes well organized with easy to understand setup instructions.


Product material: Alloy steel

Weight: 176lbs

Frame material: Alloy steel

Weight capacity: 400lbs

This model has 72 heavy-duty, 7-inch galvanized springs for a much higher bounce and extra stability during multiple bounces. 

Galvanized springsHeavy-duty steel frameComes with a rain coverHigh-quality materialsIncludes safety accessoriesEasy to assembleNo official safety certificates to showDoesn’t have smaller size modelsToo many springsPoor customer careWarranty information more readily available

Check out more features, reviews, and prices on Amazon

6. Sportspower 12ft Trampoline with Enclosure

The Sportspower 12ft trampoline with enclosure has heavy-duty galvanized steel tubes that help extend its lifespan. 

It comes with a frame, jumping mat, legs, and enclosure system. All these parts are designed with UV protection to withstand outdoor temperatures.

Sportspower uses a superior quality spring system that offers a stronger bounce to users. The spring system and jumping mat are covered with a protective enclosure net for safety.


Product size: 12ft

Safety net size: 12ft dia.

Frame material: Steel

Weight limit: 150lbs

Sportspower has received a lot of certifications of excellence to prove that it is a high-grade product. One of these certifications is the TUV certificate.

Certified for safety and durabilityQuality spring systemUV protected

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7. CalmMax 12ft Trump Recreational Trampoline with Enclosure Net

CalmMax trampolines are ASTM approved products tested for durability and safety. The unit is designed with a quality UV-proof safety enclosure to protect both the user and the trampoline. 

The frame is fully galvanized and can resist rust and corrosion. CalmMax is built with 4 U-shaped legs and 8 balanced contact points that offer safety and stability.

Its safety enclosure net connects using foam sleeves to guarantee safety during use. 


Product material: Foam, steel

Size: 12ft

Frame material: Alloy steel

Color: Green

Loading capacity: 398lbs

CalmMax is designed with an EU standard bounce surface to ensure superior rebounding force. It is great for entertainment and physical training for the whole family.

Excellent customer support2-year warranty

Check out more features, reviews, and prices on Amazon

8. Giantex 12 Ft Trampoline Combo Bounce Jump

The Giantex 12ft combo bounce jump features solid construction, six U-shaped legs for support, a safety enclosure net for safety.

Its galvanized steel, rust-resistant frames ensures more extended service to the ser. With T-sections connecting firmly to the rails, you are assured a solid base for your trampoline. 

Giantex has a weight capacity of 375 lbs, making it ideal for family exercise and fun. It comes with a steel ladder, rain cover, installation hardware, and instruction manual.


Product material: Foam, Steel

Frame Material: Alloy steel

Product weight: 3lbs

Frame size: 12ft

Comes with accessoriesEasy to assembleEasy to understand instruction manual

Check out more features, reviews, and prices on Amazon

Is a 12 Foot Trampoline Big Enough?

A 12ft trampoline weighs up to 330lbs. It can be about 360cm – 368cm in diameter, but this varies with the brand or manufacturer. It is categorized as a mid-size trampoline designed for children of ages eight up to adulthood. 

A 12ft trampoline can support up to 150kg. Some can manage only 100kg. It all depends on the specifications of the manufacturer. It is essential to check the labels to understand the specifications.

There are cheaper options in the market that weigh lighter but may not be quality. Premium brands use sturdier, high-grade parts that make the trampolines heavier.

Why 12Ft?

Most people go for the 12ft trampoline because it’s a popular large-sized trampoline available. Its size is ideal for both large and small gardens.

Designed for 8-year olds and teenage adults, a 12 feet trampoline can support a maximum weight of 90-120kg, depending on the specifications. Note that adults can also use the 12ft unit comfortably. It is all about the bouncing space restrictions. 

To Buy with or Without Safety Enclosure?

Modern trampolines come with safety enclosures that contain safety nets to prevent children from falling off the trampoline and injuring themselves. Enclosures also protect the trampoline’s frame.

It is recommended to get a trampoline with a safety enclosure for assurance that your children will be safe while jumping on the trampoline. 

Injuries from the trampoline can be fatal, and no one wants to risk it. Getting a unit with safety enclosures will ensure your jumpers enjoy the exercise without incidents. 

Top Features to Consider When Selecting Your 12 Ft Trampoline

Determining the best trampoline for your backyard can be a herculean task for many. Sometimes you have to read and re-read the instructions and specifications in order to make your choice. To make it less stressful and time-consuming, here are a few considerations for you;

Security Paddings

Trampoline edges are designed with security paddings. The best trampolines will have edges with tightly secured pads to keep the jumpers safe. The wrong padding or a loose one can result in injuries, so you have to be keen and ensure the unit you choose has proper padding. 

As much as possible, avoid those trampolines that utilize ropes for fitting. They can be a health hazard.

The Weight Limits

Always check the weight limit on your trampoline before you buy. Since it’s a long term investment, you’d want something that will serve you for years as a family. A strong 12ft trampoline with heavyweight capacity will be ideal in this case. 

A Sturdy Base

The worst that can happen when jumping on your trampoline is for it to tip over. You want to have something with a weighted base that gives it stability. Ensure the trampoline you’ve chosen has a strong base or can be firmly secured on the ground. Also, the more legs your trampoline has, the stronger the top frame should be.

The Fun Extras

Suppose you’re looking to maximize fun while jumping on your trampoline. In that case, you might want to find one with extra features. Imagine getting a trampoline with a basketball hoop included. The kids will have a swell time using the handle for maximum balance. It’ll be fun for you and your family to do something extra other than jumping.

Safety Measures to Observe When Using 12Ft Trampolines

  • When installing your 12ft trampoline, ensure the backyard is free from gravel and concrete. Concrete and gravel surfaces will cause your trampoline to move little by little, then lose its stability before it collapses. That’s something you don’t want to happen. Make sure the area is free from any obstacles, and it has ample space for setting up the trampoline.
  • Install home trampolines on the ground. Setting them up at a higher surface will increase the risk of injury in case of a fall. Keep your trampoline as far away from hazards as possible.
  • Always use safety nets and pads for your home trampolines. This will cover the springs, frame, and other landing surfaces to protect the jumpers. Carry out regular check-ups to identify any tears, deteriorations, or detachments on your unit.
  • Limit your trampoline activities and make sure the children are supervised while jumping. At all times, let the jumpers wear protective equipment like harnesses. 

Final Verdict

12ft trampolines come in different sizes, colors, and shapes. But none of this will determine your choice of trampoline except your needs. If you want to acquire the best 12ft trampoline in the market, then the Upper Bounce 12ft trampoline with enclosure is the one.

And during those times you need a sturdy product that accommodates 3-4 kids, from a brand that will replace parts without charging you more, go for Skywalker 12ft trampoline with enclosure.

Would you love some fun extras while jumping on your best 12ft trampoline? Try the Merax 12ft model, and you’ll never regret it. This elegant piece comes with a basketball hoop so you can enjoy a basketball game as you bounce.

We hope you find the best 12ft trampoline that will serve you to your satisfaction.

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