8 Best Trampolines for Adults

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Most people focus on buying a kids trampoline, but what about adults? They want to have fun bouncing on trampolines, as well. Many trampoline reviews talk about the 10 best products, but we feel that the 8 best trampolines give you a little less to consider while you’re shopping.

Buying a trampoline doesn’t have to be a challenge, though we feel that the 8ft trampoline might be best. Make sure you’ve got enough room in the backyard so that you can jump all day without feeling cramped.

Though 8ft trampolines are the most popular, you can find other sizes. We list a few 12- and 15-foot trampoline options to help you choose the right one for your needs.

Skywalker 8-Feet Round Trampoline

If you want a round trampoline, the one from Skywalker is ideal. In fact, we think it could be the best 8ft trampoline out there. You’re going to like the W-shaped legs, which offers more stability and safety for the user. This trampoline with enclosure is 8 feet in diameter and designed specifically for a single user or two children. The weight capacity is 175 pounds.

We like the galvanized steel frame and springs because they are high-quality and ensure that this is a heavy-duty trampoline that can be jumped on for many years to come. The safety net is UV-resistant, and the jumping surface is springy because of the many springs included. You are sure to appreciate the foam pad all around the trampoline, ensuring that the user is protected from the springs and frame. Where safety is concerned, you can’t go wrong with this 8-foot trampoline.

Most trampolines are heavy and bulky, but this one is smaller and fits in almost any space. Plus, it’s easy to set up because it weighs less. Though it’s geared primarily as a kids trampoline, it works well for an average-sized adult.

Merax 12-foot Trampoline with Enclosure Net

The Merax 12-foot Trampoline includes an enclosure net, but you also get a basketball hoop and a ladder. This option works well for all types of people. We like that these trampolines are tested for durability and safety through the ASTM and TUV. You get four solid feet on the trampoline, dividing the pressure evenly while you jump.

With the Merax brand, the frame is made of galvanized steel, but so is the ladder and the springs. This ensures that it’s heavy-duty enough to withstand years of excessive use.

You’re going to appreciate the high weight limit of 375 pounds. There are 90 springs, and the jumping mat is made of high-quality polypropylene to be elastic and strong enough to handle advanced jumps. Could this be the best trampoline out there? We think so, especially for those who want an outdoor trampoline with a basketball hoop.

JumpSport Skywalker Rectangle 8ft Trampoline

If you want a rectangle trampoline, then the one from Skywalker could be the best trampoline on the market. It features a wider jumping area because it’s 8 feet wide by 17 feet long. We also like the rust-resistant steel springs, which ensure that the trampoline is going to last a long time.

You’ve also got a UV-resistant trampoline mat with a safety enclosure net. There’s no gap between the jumping surface and the net itself. Therefore, you can feel comfortable knowing the jumpers are safe.

The frame is made with galvanized steel to be rust-resistant and strong enough for heavy usage. However, it has a weight limit of just 250 pounds, making it suitable for only one adult at a time. Multiple young children could use this high-quality outdoor trampoline, though.

AirZone Outdoor Spring Trampoline

If you’re primarily searching for a trampoline for kids that you can sometimes use, the one from AirZone is ideal. Those who want something safe and made of quality materials are sure to appreciate it. Plus, the padded mesh cover over the springs is a great added touch and benefit.

The net is something to discuss here, as well. It’s actually square, though the trampoline itself is round. It’s designed like that specifically so that the kids know they shouldn’t jump close to the edge. Plus, there’s a rounded zippered exit/opening right on the edge of the jumping mat to let the jumpers in and out. It supports 200 pounds of weight, making it a trampoline suitable for one adult or a couple of children.

You also get 56 plated steel springs, providing excellent bounce for the user. Safety is a significant concern, and you’re going to appreciate the firm frame with four legs, non-welded T-joints, and 12 different contact points.

JumpKing Oval Trampoline

The JumpKing brand is quite popular, and this trampoline is oval-shaped. It also features a patented spring system of over-under springs to give better bounce. The frame is rust-resistant and designed for durability. Let off steam and use up some calories by jumping on this trampoline for fun.

There’s also a cover available. Disassemble the product for the winter months and put it in the storage case to protect it. As with almost all other trampolines we’ve talked about, this one comes with a net. It only goes around the perimeter of the jump mat, so you can easily determine where to jump. The opening is slightly small, but an adult can wiggle through if they work a little.

Acon Air 4.6 Trampoline

Those who want a bigger trampoline might prefer the Acon brand. It’s 15 feet in diameter, making it the largest on the list. We also think it’s the strongest trampoline available and has a 300-pound weight limit. You get a top-quality jump mat, and the frame is durable and strong. However, it’s quite heavy when assembled – at 295 pounds. If you need to move it around to different areas of the yard, this might not be ideal.

The components are weather-resistant, so you can leave it up during rain and other inclement weather. You get 100 springs, each at 8.5 inches long. The mat is also UV-treated and cross-sewn to the spring cover for added safety.


You want the best trampolines on the market, and there are countless trampoline reviews available to help. This one features tons of information to help you choose the safest trampoline. We think that the best 8ft trampoline is the Skywalker trampoline brand. Skywalker Trampolines have a variety of safety features and offers kids trampolines, as well as those for adults. Net enclosures are essential, and either the rectangle or 8-feet round trampoline are sure to impress.

There are other trampoline brands, but we think Skywalker is one of the best. If you need a great trampoline, now is the time to get one so that you can jump and play while focusing on safety.

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Shmulik Dorinbaum

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