Best Water Trampolines for Endless Family Summer Fun

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The summer is the perfect time to get to the lakeside.

And it’s even better when you get there with the whole family, along with the best water trampoline.

Not only can you jump and bounce on the best water trampolines, but you can also slide, splash, and lounge the day away.

Most of these trampolines come with safety features, such as a ladder and handles, making it easy for anyone to use them.

The best part?

They are portable, easy to set up, and can accommodate both adults and kids.

And don’t just buy any water trampoline. Instead, pick one from this list and you’ll be all set to immerse yourself in full summer fun.

Best Water Trampolines Reviews

So, let’s jump and bounce over to the reviews to help you choose the right one.

1. Island Hopper 13’ Bounce and Splash

The 13’ Bouncer and Splash Water Bouncer is one of the best water trampolines made with heavy 1000 denier PVC material.

This trampoline is 13ft, making it big enough for both kids and adults. Featuring a 10ft jumping surface and a 26-inch thick tube, you should look forward to higher bounces.

There are several air chambers to make this trampoline safer, stronger, and more stable. Installing this unit is super easy and anyone can do it. And when it comes to inflation and deflation, 10 minutes are enough.

This is one of the trampolines with tons of safety features, including a 4-step ladder for easy access, 10 handles for effortless swimming, and 6 anchor secure D-rings. Besides, the perimeter padding has a half-inch foam for added safety and comfort.


  • Item weight: 77 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 156 x 156 x 30 inches
  • Material 1000 denier PVC
  • Weight limit: 700 pounds


  • Uses Aqua Sports Technology
  • 10 handles
  • Sturdy construction
  • 4-step easy access ladder
  • 5 years warranty


  • Doesn’t come with a slide

2. Rave Sports O-zone Plus Water Bouncer

Trampolining can be a great amusement and sport for everyone in summer. The O-Zone bouncer has a RAVE Sports Oasis Lounge where you can relax as you watch the little ones play on the bouncer.

This is a round trampoline and that means an even bounce. It’s portable, lightweight, and easy to inflate, so you only need a couple of minutes to inflate it and get on water.

The model comes with an 84 x 42 x 52 inches slide for extra fun. Just climb and smile all day as you slide.

Getting on this trampoline is a piece of cake, thanks to the added boarding platform. Kids of all ages can use the platform’s two handles to get on board.

The trampoline has no springs and is made of 28-gauge PVC construction for durability. It supports up to 600lbs, which is approximately the weight of three adults.


  • Material: 28-gauge PVC
  • Product weight: 37lbs
  • Required water depth: 8ft
  • Weight limit: 500lbs


  • Heavy vinyl construction
  • Has a higher weight limit: 600lbs
  • Comes with a slide
  • The EZ boarding platform with two handles
  • Attractive colors: blue and white


  •  Small capacity

3. Popsport Inflatable Water Trampoline Series

The sports tool is constructed with premium PVC Tarpaulin for longevity. It weighs 55 pounds and expands at the height of 24 inches at full inflation.

You can easily climb to the trampoline’s top without any trouble, as the 4-step ladder makes it possible. With a weight limit of 880lbs, both kids and adults can bounce on this water trampoline for hours.

Given that safety is paramount, particularly for water trampolines, Popsport kept that in mind when making this sports tool. The trampoline passes the highest safety standards, including the SGS certification and EN71-1-1-2-3 test.

It only takes minutes to set up this trampoline. In addition, it has built-in handles for effortless moving.

The Posport Water Trampoline has many uses. You can use it as a water bouncer, fishing platform, water bouncer, a lounging spot, and you name it!


  • Maximum capacity: 880lbs
  • Item weight: 55lbs
  • Bouncing diameter: 13ft


  • Lightweight
  • Made from durable PVC material
  • A 4-step ladder for hassle-free climbing
  • Passed the highest safety standards
  • High-quality Bungee cloth and cord for maximum elasticity


  • There’s no slide

4. Rave Bongo Water Bouncer

The Bongo water trampoline comes in different sizes: 10ft, 13ft, and 15ft. In this review, we’ll focus on the 13ft unit. It’s weight is 50lbs and the jumping surface has an area of 66 sq ft.

Unlike most water trampolines with metal springs, the Bongo Water Bouncer has a black nylon surface connected directly to the inflatable tube. A nylon robe interlaces the two for easy set up, and this rope is more durable in rust-prone and salty surroundings.

It’s made with reinforced commercial PVC, making it strong and long lasting. Most importantly, setting up the trampoline is easy and should not take more than 20 to 40 minutes.

With a weight of 700lbs, two adults and four kids can jump on this trampoline. In a nutshell, this trampoline is ideal for the whole family.


  • Weight capacity: 700lbs
  • Item weight: 50lbs
  • Required water depth: 8ft
  • Material: Reinforced commercial PVC


  • Easy to set up
  • Replaceable jumping surface
  • Made from reinforced PVC material
  • Can accommodate two adults and four children


  • Inflating it can take time

5. Rave Eclipse AJ-120 Trampoline

When fully expanded, this trampoline is 26 inches high and 12.2 feet in diameter. The unit weighs 90lbs and you need water with a depth of 10 feet to bounce on this model.

 It only takes four steps to get this unit ready: inflate the tube, connect the springs and jump surface, move it to water that’s 10ft deep, and anchor. Just like that and you’re all set for a summer full of family fun.

And speaking of family fun, this best water trampoline consists of strong and commercial-grade PVC material to withstand the weight of up to 500lbs. Simply put, two adults and four children can play on this unit, making it the perfect amusement for everyone at home.

The AJ-120 has 70 springs that connect the jump surface to the inflatable tube. As a result, this trampoline offers more jumping compared to springless trampolines.

Climbing from the water to the trampoline doesn’t have to be a hustle anymore; a sturdy 3-step ladder makes it easy.


  • Weight capacity: 500lbs
  • Jump surface: 44 sq. Ft
  • Number of springs: 70
  • Item weight: 90 lbs


  • More (additional 30%) jumping surface
  • Has a 3-step ladder and an anchor connector kit
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • 70 springs for more bouncing
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Assembling this trampoline takes a little bit longer

 6. RAVE Sports Splash Zone Plus 12ft Bouncer

This all-in-one water park offers the perfect family fun for all summer long. It comes complete with a 12ft water bouncer, a balancing log, a slide, and a swimming platform.

The 7-foot slide is ideal for extra slippery fun, the water bouncer is perfect for bouncing, jumping and splashing, and the 10ft balancing log comes in for additional challenge.

This is one of the best water trampolines that’s easy to inflate, connect its pieces, anchor, and immerse yourself in summer fun.

Note that this unit works well when the water depth is 8 feet. It’s recommended for 3 kids or 2 adults at a time.

Unlike most brands, you don’t need springs to set up the Splash Zones. The bounce surface attaches directly to the unit’s inflatable tube.


  • Item weight: 94 pounds
  • Required water depth: 10 ft
  • Jumping surface: 6.5ft   
  • Ladder: three-step aluminum


  • Lightweight
  • Includes a slide, a log, and a swimming platform
  • 4-point anchor harness
  • Ideal for both saltwater and ocean
  • Has a weight limit of 600lbs


  • Jump surface isn’t replaceable

7. Island Hopper 10 ft Bounce and Splash

This model is the smaller version of the Island Hopper 13 ft we reviewed earlier. The 10ft bouncer comes with a 0.5-inch foam perimeter padding for optimal comfort. It’s made from 1000 Denier PVC material and has a 7.5ft jump surface.

Not only is it spring-less, but it also features an interlaced nylon webbing for maximum bouncing.

Your safety is guaranteed when using the Island Hopper 10ft Bouncer. It has 8 handles for effortless swimming, 4-step ladder for quick climbing, and 6 anchor secure D-rings.


  • Item weight: 55 pounds
  • Dimensions: 64 x 37 x 10 inches
  • Material: 1000 denier PVC


  • Durable construction
  • Safety features: ladder, handles, 6 anchor secure D-rings
  • Lightweight
  • Cons
  • No slide

The Final Verdict

Ultimately, you’ve got to find a water trampoline that suits your needs. That said, if you’re looking for the best water trampolines with the highest weight limit, consider Popsport Inflatable Water Trampoline Series (880lbs) or Island Hopper 13’ Bounce and Splash and Rave Bongo Water Bouncer (700lbs each).

But, if you need a trampoline that allows you to have more fun other than bouncing, you may want to look at RAVE Sports Splash Zone Plus 12ft Bouncer. In addition to bouncing on this trampoline, you can also slide, splash, swim and balance on a log.

Is safety your biggest concern? Go for Island Hopper 13’ Bounce and Splash or Island Hopper 10 ft Bounce and Splash, which have incredible safety features.

 Water Trampoline FAQs

How Long Can a Water Trampoline Last?

A water trampoline is manufactured using commercial-grade materials. If appropriately maintained, the trampoline should serve you for a long time. Some models will last up to 10 years.

How Do Water Trampolines Work?

Water trampolines are designed to float on open water. They have inflatable rings that hold them firm to enable you to get bouncy jumps. Their construction materials can withstand the wear and tear from harsh sun exposure and water play.

Once set up and inflated, they become a broad and flat platform where you can enjoy bouncy jumps with your family. They are produced in different sizes, but most of them are tall and only accessible using a ladder.

 How Bouncy Are Water Trampolines?

 Water trampolines are very bouncy. They have a reinforced structure and springs that increase their bounce. Some models have 12-feet springs that ensure maximum bouncing fun.

How Should You Anchor Your Water Trampoline?

Methods of anchoring water vary depending on the water depth, exposure to water currents or high winds, and the type of water bottom you have. Your trampoline comes with a heavy-duty attachment ring. Here is what you should do to anchor your water trampoline correctly.

  •  You can use a shock cord to absorb your unit’s vertical movements due to regular use or waves.
  • Choose a good location, safe from water and wind currents. You should confirm that the area doesn’t have anchoring restrictions.
  •   Your trampoline has a bridle harness underneath, and you should use it to connect to the anchor system. An anchor connect will help you secure the griddle harness to the anchoring device.
  • Your anchoring weight should be between 75-200 lbs. If you have a larger water trampoline, you’ll need more anchor weight.
  • Use precast concrete blocks specifically designed for floating docks and anchoring rafts. Avoid bell anchors because they can easily drag on firm bottoms. Screw type or toggle-style anchors are for extreme conditions only.

How Deep Should the Water Be for You to Use Your Water Trampoline?

To anchor your water trampoline, you should make sure the water is at least 10 feet deep. The area should be 30 feet from obstructions like boats, sea walls, docks, and more. Anchor your unit in an 8 feet depth of water in an area 15 feet from any obstructions.

How Safe are Water Trampolines?

When appropriately used, water trampolines are safe. While bouncing on water, make sure the water is the right depth (6 – 8ft deep), and your trampoline is far from obstacles to avoid bumping in them and injuring yourself.

Put on a life jacket to keep yourself safe. Don’t use your water trampolines in swimming pools. A pool will not provide the space and water depth your trampoline needs.

Are Water Trampolines Worth Your Money?

There are plenty of good reasons why you’d want to invest in a water trampoline. Though new in the market, they bring something new and unique to the sporting realm. These bouncy inflatables offer many potential benefits, including but not limited to exercise. Here’s why your water unit is worth it.

 It Offers Tons of Outdoor Fun

Using your water trampoline for pure entertainment is the best thing you can do for yourself and your family. These units can be fun, especially for a beginner like you. If your lakeside or beach outings aren’t interesting anymore, a water trampoline can bring your enthusiasm back in a flash. Imagine jumping around at the center of the lake while enjoying a picnic and some music. It is a party in itself.

It is Ideal for Exercising

Enjoying jumps on your water trampoline can boost your fitness levels and tone you up over time. As you bounce, you’ll be burning calories through exercise. Every time you leap upward, bent your knees, sway your arms, or play ball, you’ll be upping your fitness.

The jumping mat absorbs your weight when you land on it. This makes a lot more fun, low-impact exercise. And when you hop on it for an hour or two, you’ll start feeling the effects of your exertion.


It Enhances Party and Get-Together Celebrations

A water trampoline is a great addition if you have a party or get-together. The guests will be delighted to have a different kind of fun where they’ll jump their muscles out on water. And you can use your trampoline all year round.

When out having family fun, a water trampoline will offer you different activities aside from the usual watersports and other child-friendly activities like jet skiing and rafting. The unit will allow you to enjoy fun moments with your kids as you bond.

Water Trampolines are Easy to Carry on the Go

Water trampolines can be packed and transported easily. Whether you’re visiting the beach or organizing a camp near the lake, you can pack away your trampoline and bring it along. After you’re done, you’ll simply deflate it, fold it neatly, and put it in the storage bag, ready to head home.

Do I Have to Use a Life Vest with My Water Trampoline?

A life vest is necessary when using your water trampoline. This is especially if you don’t know how to swim. But if you are a good swimmer, a life vest or floater is not mandatory. It is provided to keep jumpers safe in case they bounce out of the trampoline. Ensure your kids wear a floater or life vest if they are using the trampoline in a sea or lake.

How Can I Improve My Experience on My Water Trampoline?

For a more enjoyable experience, modular types of water trampolines are recommended. These types allow you to attach more fun extras such as towers, launch blobs, slides, and much more. Choose bouncier models that will get you wild with several flips. Along with fun features, make sure your unit has the necessary safety features like a padded foam or ladder.

Can You Use Your Inflatable Water Trampoline on Land?

No, your water trampoline is designed for water use only. First, it will be prone to wear and tear because its construction is not for land use. The inflatable tubes can be damaged if you set them on spiny rocks and other solid materials. No warranty will cover such damage.

How Can I Inflate My Water Trampoline?

To inflate your trampoline, use a high-speed inflator, which will take you about 10 to 20 minutes to finish. This mostly depends on the tube’s size. You can also get a shop vacuum and use it to swiftly inflate the tube. Connect the shop vacuum using an inflation adaptor.

Don’t use an air compressor to inflate the tube. It can cause over-inflation and damage it. A water trampoline is often inflated with 2 PSI of air pressure or less. Pressure higher than this, mostly from air compressors, can cause over-inflation.

Will My Water Trampoline Sink If It is Punctured?

Water trampolines are designed not to sink even with a puncture in their tube. The tube accumulates enough air to keep all the components afloat. One air chamber provides an even distribution of air around the trampoline even when the air pressure is low.

How Can I Repair My Water Trampoline in Case of a Leak?

To locate a leak in your water trampoline, spray the tube with soapy water. Once you find the leak, try to determine the size of the hole. Use the patch provided in the repair kit to cut a swatch that is an inch wider than the hole.

Deflate your trampoline and clean the whole area using rubbing alcohol. Then apply glue to the patch and the area surrounding the hole. Leave the glue to dry for two minutes until it is tacky. Stick the glued parts together by rubbing them against each other with a hard, flat surface. Leave the patch out to dry for 24 hours before you inflate it again.

How Can I Care For, Maintain and Store My Water Trampoline?

Water trampolines use UV inhibitors blended from the PVC materials so they can resist fading and sunlight.

  1. To increase protection, apply some 303 Aerospace protectant on your water trampoline. Applying it to a faded product will help restore its color. You can do this once every month.
  1.  You can use your water trampoline in saltwater since they have UV protection and stainless steel build. However, you should know that saltwater wears the springs faster, and you’ll need to replace them afterward.
  1.   If you live in a safe area that is warm all year, you can let your water trampoline stay in water during the summer season. Make sure it is anchored down correctly in an area that is safe, free from heavy winds. But if you reside in a cold winter area, make sure you take your trampoline out of the water, fold it nicely, and store it in a safe, dry container.
  1. When you’re taking your water unit out of the water, don’t drag it on the ground. It will rip off or cause tears in the tubing. Carry it out of the water.
  1.  Before storing your water trampoline, clean the whole unit with a mild cleaner or soap and water. There are special PVC cleaners that you can use to remove stains. Avoid petroleum-based and vegetable-based cleaners. Clean the whole exterior to wash off the accumulated scum from the water. Once the tube is dry, apply UV protectant and allow it to dry before you deflate it. Afterward, roll the tube and place it in the storage container. Don’t place any items on the jumping mat to prevent wearing out the springs.

How Often Should I Add Air to My Water Trampoline?

Adding air to your water trampoline is very important. This is because varying temperatures can cause the expansion and contraction of air in the tube. At some point, you’ll need to let some air out to regulate the tube’s firmness. If you use your trampoline frequently, you may need to add air more often.

Why Is It Essential to Maintain the Correct Air Volume in the Water Trampoline Tube?

An over-inflated or under-inflated tube will stress the seams on your water trampoline. To extend your trampoline’s life, you must ensure that the tube has the right air volume. A correctly inflated tube will have its cover stretched, and the bladder will be firm to the touch.

When you find it difficult to insert your hand in between the tube and cover, it just means the bladder is correctly inflated. But if the tube seems to be bulging out in areas covered by the nylon cover, you should know that there’s too much air within the tube. Release some of the air and continue to monitor its pressure all day. The heat from the sun can change the air volume.

How Should I Troubleshoot When the Tube is Not Holding Air?

Any change in the air temperature can cause the tube to lose air. If you also don’t close the valve properly, air will escape the tube. Check all the valves to make sure they’re closed or seated correctly.

Try to add more air and if the tube doesn’t hold it, take out the bladder from the cover and rub down the tube with soap, water, and a sponge. You’ll identify the area of the leakage by seeing soap bubbles form around it. It may also produce a hissing sound. Use the repair kit to repair the small holes.

How Does a Water Trampoline Differ From a Water Bouncer?

  •  For starters, water trampolines are designed with better jump quality than water bouncers. Their springs are built to offer quality bounces.
  •  You can use your water trampoline throughout the summer by leaving it anchored in the water. This means your family can jump on it any time.
  • A water trampoline is more flexible, especially when you need to add attachments like logs, slides, towers, and mats. Its sturdy design and anchoring system makes it easy to cope with a few more accessories. Since they can be set up on large water bodies, you have plenty of space to create your own water theme park.
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