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The AirZone trampoline line is like no other and is a potential option if you’re in the market for a fun and affordable trampoline that your kids are going to like. This line of trampolines is well-liked for its effective safety features and durability. In addition to this, all of the AirZone trampoline models are available for a reasonable price. This AirZone trampoline review is provided to give you insight into the finer details making up these trampolines to help make you fully aware of what the best trampoline for kids comes with before purchasing the product. 

Product Choices 

There are a variety of AirZone trampoline products that are designed to fit a range of preferences best. Here are some of the most popular and top trampoline options that you might consider to get: 

AirZone Jumping 12-Inch Trampoline 

This is a 12-inch backyard trampoline that’s one of the best 12-inch backyard trampoline options on the market. It’s well-liked for the inclusion of a blue mat, which is used to cover the trampoline’s springs, to ensure the safety of your kids better. This trampoline’s weight limit is also great and makes it possible for multiple people to come together and enjoy jumping on it. 

AirZone Jump 15-Inch Trampoline 

This AirZone trampoline is equipped with elastic parts that make it easy and safe for little kids to use and enjoy bouncing on it. The trampoline is well-liked for its maximized bounce, created with parts that contribute to the great points of contact with the ground and elastic springs. 

AirZone 8-Inch In-Ground Trampoline

This trampoline is constructed for a durable pad covering the springs and ensures that it’s safe for children to bounce on it, and assures parents that their little ones are sure not to get their fingers stuck in these parts of the trampoline. People have even have stated in a review this trampoline delivers many years of use for your children to spend time on while you get your money’s worth. 

Design & Construction

The vast majority of people who have bought these AirZone products have acknowledged the trampoline’s effective design and construction, and we have to agree with them.


The incorporation of W-shaped legs in these trampolines offers a 12-point contact base, which ensures added stability. The trampoline frame is built with galvanized steel that isn’t prone to developing rust and comes equipped with a weather-resistant PVC frame cover. One lacking feature in this line of trampolines is that these don’t come with a ladder, which the majority of owners decide to purchase separately. However, this isn’t a major problem given the pricing of the trampolines. 

Safety Enclosure

All AirZone trampoline models are designed with a safety enclosure built to tie to the perimeter of the jump mat. This ensures that your child is away from the edges. In addition to this safety net, the enclosure is tightly woven to ensure that all fingers and toes don’t get caught and hurt in the mechanisms of the trampoline. 


The range of AirZone trampolines is equipped in various sizes. You have the option of choosing a trampoline between the sizes of 38 and 55 inches if you want a mini trampoline for your toddler. However, you also have the option of purchasing an AirZone rebounder trampoline for an older child to use. 

This rebounder trampoline is equipped with an enclosure net and stands at eight feet. However, some of the sizing options that you buy are going to recommend that these only have a child use the trampoline at a time. This should be considered when you buy a particular trampoline. 

There are trampoline options if you have more than one child or know that many children are going to be using the trampoline at the same time. In this case, you should opt for the AirZone trampolines that are built as a 12, 13, or 15-foot rebounder. 

Quality and Durability

One of the best features of these AirZone trampolines is that they are built with exceptional quality and durability. The AirZone trampoline reviews all show that the trampolines are built with excellent materials. Many reviews like that the trampolines have lasted longer than owners believed these would. This is a great statement considering that the majority of reviews from trampoline brands state that the durability of the trampoline isn’t good. 

AirZone trampolines were with durability and quality in mind. One of AirZone’s primary objectives was to develop a line of trampoline products that would stand the test of time, which is exactly what they have done. One of the most admired features comes from owners of the 12-foot AirZone trampoline, as this trampoline features a 200-pound weight limit. 

In addition to this, you’re left with peace of mind when you get one of AirZone’s rebounders, as these come with a year warranty if you do experience any problems with the trampoline, which is highly unlikely. Not to mention, many reviews state that the customer service when needing to enquire about a warranty or anything else is always a pleasant experience. 


The AirZone manufacturer makes the recommendation for three adults to set up the trampoline properly. Many customer reviews even state that the assembly process is effortless and straightforward when you make sure to include three adults in this process. 

AirZone has specially designed a system to ensure that the average time spent on the assembly process is less than two and a half hours. The steel spring parts need to be assembled by three people to ensure that all of the components are aligned, and the pad is fitted properly to ensure that the device is safe to bounce on. 

The manufacturers at AirZone have specifically made the overall assembly process of all of its trampoline products incredibly easy to conduct. There are no additional tools needed, and these manufacturers have even provided a tutorial video to aid in assisting this process if you come into any problems. 


As with all other trampoline brands, the price of the AirZone trampoline varies according to the sizing. However, each trampoline is reasonably priced, but a general rule to follow is that the larger trampoline is going to cost more than the smaller trampoline. 

Maintenance and Care 

As is the case with any outdoor equipment, the durability and longevity are strongly dependent on the care you ultimately put into your trampoline. Your trampoline is likely to last for several years if you provide proper storage during the cold winters and extreme summer periods. Even though the materials incorporated into the construction of the trampoline are high-quality, robust, durable, and offer efficient weather-resistance, keeping your trampoline out of extreme temperatures is going to result in the life of your AirZone trampoline being prolonged. 

The Bottom Line 

The range of trampoline options available from AirZone offers an excellent source of fun, fitness, and safety that allows the entire family to come together without breaking the bank or for your child to use their extra energy. After our in-depth review of the most popular trampoline options from AirZone, we have come to the conclusion that there’s something for everyone. Not to mention, the one-year warranty is a good inclusion in the product features. 

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Shmulik Dorinbaum

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