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One of the leading trampoline brands on the market is JumpKing. The quality and durability that these JumpKing trampolines come with make this brand an obvious choice when you wish to buy a trampoline for your kids. 

JumpKing Trampoline Reviews

JumpKing isn’t new to the trampoline world. In fact, the company first began providing good quality and safe trampolines to kids in 1948 and has gone on to become one of the biggest and most popular recreational manufacturers in the market today. The features offered in the construction of these fun trampolines are equipped to provide customer-satisfaction to all those who buy these JumpKing products. 

JumpKing offers a wide array of different trampoline options to choose from that all have different features, which appeal to a variety of preferences. However, one main feature in the design of each JumpStart is that these trampolines come equipped with a galvanized steel frame, which offers high-quality durability. This inclusion in the design aids in making the trampoline stand the test of time and ensures that customers gain their money’s worth. In fact, many customer reviews state that their JumpStart trampoline lasted longer than they expected it to and kept a ton of bounce, which is a very promising sign of excellent construction. 

However, this isn’t all. Another primary objective of JumpKing trampolines is to make sure that your kids have fun while they jump on their JumpKing trampoline. However, the manufacturers of JumpKing trampoline products want to offer the ability of jumping, but without sacrificing on effective safety elements. That’s why all JumpKing trampoline products are built with a safety enclosure that’s made from great materials. 

#1 JumpKing 12-Inch Bounce N’ Dunk Trampoline and Enclosure Combo with Basketball Hoop 

The JumpKing 12-Inch Bounce ‘n Dunk Trampoline is something that you should consider purchasing if you’re looking to keep your kids busy for hours but don’t want to break your bank. This top-tier trampoline is a sure buy if you’re looking to have your kids jump their energy out in a safe and healthy way. This trampoline is perfect for kids, as it comes with a zipper and mat to cover the trampoline’s springs. This ensures that your kids don’t get their fingers and toes stuck in the springs. Not to mention, the enclosure net is going to ensure that your kids are provided with premium safety when jumping on the trampoline.


·      It’s designed to last for years. 

·      You only need the accessories provided in the product. 

·      The legs offer enhanced stability. 

·      The price is incredibly reasonable. 

·      A 1-year warranty is offered. 


·      The assembly process is time-consuming. 

·      There’s a limited warranty.

The Bottom Line 

This trampoline is going to last for years and be your best friend when you wish to get your energetic kids moving and using their energy efficiently. Not to mention, this trampoline is available at an incredible price. The addition to the basketball hoop is also a perfect method of making the trampoline an even better product to get your hands on today. 

#2 JumpKing 15-Inch Bounce N’ Dunk Trampoline and Enclosure Combo with Basketball Hoop  

This JumpKing Trampoline with Basketball Hoop and Safety Net System is one of the bigger JumpKing trampolines versions. It is made to offer an exceptional weight limit, which allows the entire family to come together. The mat and net are easy to assemble and work like any other system on JumpKing trampolines, which provides the best safety measures to ensure that your family remains safe while using the product. It also comes with a basketball hoop to make the overall experience of the trampoline more enjoyable. 


·      These JumpKing trampolines are made in the United States. 

·      There’s a basketball hoop. 

·      The frame is rust-resistant. 

·      The safety hook springs and other accessories in the trampoline package make for a more secure structure. 


·      The assembly process is time-consuming. 

The Bottom Line

These 15-inch trampolines are one of the best options to choose from when it comes to needing a bigger space but still wanting to receive all of the amazing benefits available like with any other JumpKing model. The poles included in this design are made from heavy-duty material, which provides excellent stability. Not to mention, you’re assured longevity with the inclusion of high-performance steel being included in the construction of the framing system. 

#3 JumpKing Bazoongi Trampoline Featuring a Triple-Pole Enclosure System 

Like the other JumpKing trampolines on this list, this Bazoongi Trampoline is equipped with the best systems to ensure you gain one of the most durable and high-performance trampolines on the market. This is a good choice if you’re looking for something for your toddlers. Its premium polyethylene mesh safety net is one of the most durable components included in these trampolines. Not to mention, the steel zipper only enhances the durability of this line of trampolines. 


·      Your kids’ safety is assured with the inclusion of different accessories in the design of the trampoline. 

·      The weight limit ensures that multiple kids can use the trampoline. 

·      There are a great jumping space and the best bouncing feature.

·      The safety net offers easy access in and out. 


·      Many JumpKing trampoline reviews state that the trampoline pad is prone to fading. 

The Bottom Line

Due to these trampolines being aimed at toddlers, the safety mechanisms are very good. The legs included in the trampoline’s construction ensure it’s incredibly stable. Thus, you can have peace of mind when placing your three-year-old toddler on these JumpKing trampolines. However, it’s still highly recommended to supervise your toddlers when using these trampolines. 

#4 JumpKing 10 x 14-Foot Rectangular Trampoline Featuring Safety Net Siding

The Rectangular JumpKing Trampoline is unlike other models that are round. Although many kids like the round design, the rectangular feature offer the perfect space for jumping in a safe environment. In contrast, some round trampolines are too small to comfortable jump. In addition to this, the rectangular shape offers the right stability to the JumpKing trampoline. This range of trampolines is also equipped with a hassle-free dual closure system. Thus, your children are easily able to climb in and out of these trampolines. Not to mention, these trampolines are equipped with premium patent mesh for enhanced longevity. 


·      The enclosure system is fully-integrated. 

·      The mat is oversized and incredibly durable. 

·      The frame is equipped with the best heavy-duty galvanized steel. 

·      Like other JumpKing options, great polyethylene material is used in the trampoline’s design. 


·      The installation process is time-consuming. 

The Bottom Line 

The most well-liked component about this range of JumpKing trampolines is the cost involved in inquiring one of these trampolines. This is because it costs a lot less when compared to similar models available from other, less-reputable manufacturers. However, when considering this pricing, you’re guaranteed that you aren’t sacrificing your children’s safety when purchasing this cheaper model. 

Nonetheless, you’re going to have to purchase a ladder separately from the JumpKing trampoline. Many customers state that this wasn’t a problem, as these ladders are cheaply available. You still end up saving money when you consider the price of other models that come with a ladder but have less impressive technology and construction than the JumpKing’s model. 

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