Oval vs. Round Trampoline Compared – Which is Better?

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You’re probably thinking of getting a trampoline for the kids or the entire family. But then you get confused with the choices and decisions you need to make before you walk home with one.

The first decision you’re faced with is choosing between an oval and a round trampoline. It can be pretty challenging for you, especially if you aren’t aware of the benefits and risks of purchasing either. 

This article is curated just for you. We’ll furnish you with every fact and detail needed regarding oval and round trampolines to help you decide which suits you best.

Let’s dive in for a detailed comparison between oval and round trampolines.


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The Oval Trampoline

Oval trampolines are growing in popularity for the best reasons. They provide a large jumping area with a safer surface that accommodates multiple jumpers.

These units also offer improved jumping heights. This option is ideal if you’re interested in a trampoline frame’s safety, jumping performance, and security.

With the oval type, you have two distinct sweet spot jumping areas. Instead of a single, strong central pull, the oval trampoline lets multiple jumpers experience the best bounces on both ends of the jumping mat. This minimizes collisions, giving jumpers ample space to bounce higher. 

And it gets better. If the jumpers stray to the edge of the unit, its circular springs will bounce them back to the jumping zone.

An oval trampoline is aesthetically appealing and can fit into any corner of your garden or yard.

The Round Trampoline

Round trampolines are popular, not just for their circular shape. They are beginner-friendly, with evenly distributed springs around the frame to make the bounce smooth and consistent. The frames absorb every bounce to prevent wear and tear by directing users to the middle for better jumps.

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Thanks to their design, the trampolines don’t require a lot of materials to build but still maintain a sturdy frame. Round models are often lightweight, budget-friendly, and space-conscious. 

One point to note about the circular unit is that its shape limits the sweet spots to a single location at the center of the mat. Its springs converge to the center, allowing the jumper to experience the highest bouncy jumps. It is also best suited for a single jumper at a time.

While jumping on a round trampoline, you’ll be pulled back to the sweet spot by the centripetal force from the springs. It is stable and safe, making it great for daily exercise. The quality of the bounce is its selling point.

However, if you attempt to jump on the unit as two or three people, you’ll likely collide and sustain injuries, especially with varied weights.

A circular trampoline model is one of the lightest options you can find on the market. And you can quickly assemble it alone or move it from one spot in your backyard to another. 

Now that we know the facts about the oval vs. round trampolines, we can explore the other details of these two models.

Let’s jump right in.


Oval Trampoline

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Oval trampolines can adhere to your backyard’s natural shape, allowing you to place them strategically like a corner without any difficulty. However, they may take up more of your yard space if you place them strategically in a corner.

These units are pretty challenging to move from one area to another. First, because of the involved assembly procedure, and second, the unusual shape. Once you place your oval unit in an area of your yard, ensure it’s where it’ll stay permanently.

Round Trampoline

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Although it has a relatively small jumping area, a round trampoline can take up significant garden space. Why do I say this?

Feature this; your yard is probably rectangular or square, and you’re bringing in a round trampoline. This shape will be at odds with your yard’s angles. So if the yard is fairly small, your trampoline will be a little intrusive, and you’ll find it occupying a larger portion while rendering the extra space around it useless.

The good thing is that circular models have a lighter construction, making it effortless to move them to any part of your garden.


Both oval and round trampolines can be challenging to fit in your yard.


Oval Trampoline

When it comes to your safety, an oval trampoline is the best. Its large jumping area helps you maintain your distance from each other while allowing you room for wayward bounces. While it allows you high jumping sessions, you can jump as a group.

Since you and your friends can jump from two opposite spots, there’s less risk of you or the other jumpers landing outside the jumping area. Some models even have two separate jump zones on each end to help you achieve maximum bouncers with no collisions.

Round Trampoline

A round trampoline is constructed with enhanced safety. Regardless of the angle, you’re jumping from, the unit will naturally direct you to land at the center of the pad. It’s unlikely for you to bounce higher near the trampoline edges, which means you’ll remain safe throughout your jumping exercise without the likelihood of hitting the edges or falling off.

The bounce height on these models is generally lower, so you won’t have to worry about them getting launched too high if you have younger kids.


Both these trampolines offer high levels of user safety.

Weight Limit

The weight limit of trampolines often depends on the size of the trampoline, purpose, and various other factors.

Oval Trampoline

Most oval trampoline models are built with a weight limit of about 200 – 300 lbs. This is one of the drawbacks of these trampolines, considering their large sizes.

Round Trampoline

In most use cases, round trampolines come with low weight limits. The even load distribution and their smaller, lightweight nature (compared to oval models) are possible explanations for the reduced weight limit. And unlike oval-shaped units, these trampolines are designed for a single jumper at a time.


Oval and round trampolines have lower weight limits.


Oval Trampoline

A couple sitting on a trampoline in the yard

Oval trampolines have robust frames of metal build – with heft and thickness that makes them last longer in your garden. The materials are mostly corrosion and UV resistant, which helps beat the outdoors’ harsh temperatures. The stress exerted on the springs is more localized, even when the springs are engaged on each bounce.

Round Trampoline

The round types are also constructed with robust materials. Same as with the oval model, the round unit has the weight, tension, and bounce force distributed in equal measure in the springs and frame. Their frames are sturdy but lightweight.

The springs can wear out faster for bearing all the load during jumping sessions. The jumping mat will also succumb to heavy use at the center. With the lightweight frame, you are likely to see a lot of warping and twisting caused by the users landing hard near the edges.

Overall, the durability of both round and oval trampolines depends on the quality of their construction, particularly the materials and usage. 


Oval trampolines have heavy materials that ensure long life in the outdoors. Round trampolines wear out faster, especially the pads and springs.


Oval Trampoline

Oval trampolines are large and exotic. They are not as common as the round types. That’s why they’re fairly expensive than their round counterparts.

Round Trampoline

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Round trampolines are the least expensive models available. Their popularity and lower cost of construction materials play a part in their being reasonably priced. The brand and size also contribute to their pricing.


Round trampolines are fair on the pocket.

Pros & Cons

Oval Trampoline Pros

  • They offer the safest jumping for users due to the lateral center points.
  • Have a larger surface area for jumping, with ample room for acrobatics and a lower likelihood of colliding
  • The lower bounce rate keeps users at the center, minimizing wayward bounces.
  • They utilize space efficiently
  • The shape is unique and rare
  • They are highly durable


  • It can be challenging to assemble an oval trampoline
  • Low weight limits
  • Takes up much of the backyard space
  • Not easy to move them around
  • It is a bit pricey

Round Trampoline Pros

A boy with a hood jumps on a trampoline in the yard
  • They offer enhanced safety by keeping the jumpers in the middle of the jumping area and limiting bounce heights.
  • Reasonably priced
  • Provides soft, consistent bounces
  • Lightweight and easy to move around 


  • Small surface area
  • Not so versatile; you only bounce high from the center of the jumping mat
  • It can be obtrusive in some yards
  • Built with lower weight limits
  • Components often wear out fast

Similarities of Oval vs. Round Trampoline

  • Both of them offer enhanced safety to users
  • They are built with lower weight limits
  • Occupy a larger space in the yard can be obtrusive
  • Have lower bounce rates

Differences Between Oval vs. Round Trampoline

  • The oval trampoline is much more versatile than the round trampoline
  • While the round trampoline is lightweight and easy to relocate, the oval model is pretty heavy and difficult to move
  • The round trampoline is affordable, but the oval type comes heavily priced.
  • Oval trampolines have a large surface for jumping, giving multiple users enough jumping room to have fun and enjoy. The round-shaped types have room for only one person.
  • Because of their elongated nature, oval trampolines need attention and care, especially when assembling. Round models are easy to assemble.

Oval vs. Round Trampoline Compared – Which is Better?

Based on the facts, oval trampolines are the best. While they come expensive, they offer a safer bounce to multiple users. They can hold different weights simultaneously with two jumping zones without endangering the jumpers’ safety.

Oval trampolines will fit into the corner of your backyard without being intrusive or wasting the space around it, making them the best option to consider. Allow your family to enjoy the versatility of a long-lasting, unique, and bouncy oval trampoline.

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