How to Keep Birds Off a Trampoline (Avoid Bird Poop)

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It always feels good to enjoy trampolining without any distractions. Here are the best ways to prevent birds from disrupting your fun as you enjoy your jumps.

Everyone loves birds. Their tweets and chirps give us that inner peace, making everything seem so naturally peaceful. But this feeling only lasts for as long as they keep off your trampoline.

Birds can be pretty annoying when they start making your trampoline’s edge their home. It often starts with one… then two… and more… like someone just sent them an invitation.

Keeping these pesky avians off your backyard and your trampoline is the only way the kids will enjoy their fun time. 

You’ll also breathe fresh air knowing that the surroundings are free from the mess they usually create.

Pigeons, for instance, will not leave until you use a strong deterrent. 

But how do you make birds stay away from your trampoline?

Keep reading.

1. Cover Up Your Unit

Understand that once birds start landing on your trampoline, they won’t stop. A trampoline cover can help to keep them away.

If these musical creatures decide to have a day out on your trampoline, cover it up or drape a tarp on top to keep them at bay. They’ll eventually find no ledge to perch on and go away.

Most trampolines are designed with their own covers. You can decide to set the cover permanently if you use your unit occasionally. Otherwise, you’ll have to commit to covering it up after every use.

Make sure the cover is designed for the trampoline. If you leave other areas uncovered, you won’t be able to keep stubborn birds like pigeons from finding comfort anywhere on your trampoline.

2. Use Unreal Predators

What birds fear the most in this world are predators like snakes and owls. To shoo them away, get a plastic snake or a fake owl, hawk, and place it near or on top of your trampoline.

Make these predators look natural by moving them around. This way, they’ll look real, and the birds will consider them a threat.

For example, a fake plastic snake, hawk, or owl can help you drive birds away for good. Just throw it on your trampoline when it’s not being used. 

The idea is to place it randomly on the unit in different areas or angles every day. Perch your plastic owl on the trampoline’s edge to deter them.

Make sure to put the decoy in strategic locations where the birds can see them. Change the decoy’s location frequently for best results.

Doing this will definitely make them stay away for fear of being attacked. This is the easiest way to scare them off.

3. Use Sound Repellers

A sound repeller emits an ultrasonic sound that scares birds and animals away.

It is a simple device that you can install near your trampoline. Since the sound emitted is ultrasonic, it is not disturbing to people.

However, note that the ultrasonic noise the gadget produces can scare off other animals, including your pets. So if you have cats, dogs, or squirrels in the backyard, they won’t be around to hear it.

Although it may not work for some birds, it can be effective for some. The repeller is easy to install.

4. Mount Cable Ties

Cable ties work wonders in deterring birds too. When you mount them on your trampoline, make sure the ends are sticking up.

The sharp ends will make it difficult for the birds to perch. In the end, they’ll give up and fly away. This remedy works perfectly for both big and small birds.

5. Get a Larger Threat

A larger threat will surely get the birds scared. An old-fashioned scarecrow can do the trick so well.

Just like the fake owl, snake or hawk, make the scarecrow move around once in a while or place something like a tin that will make some noise as the wind blows.

Make sure your scarecrow is cute. It’s fun to make a scarecrow, you know. Especially if you involve the kids. It will appear quite real to the birds.

6. Use Spikes

Bird spikes are very effective in warding birds off your trampoline. The pointy spikes will not give them a chance to land on your unit.

Get rust-free metal spikes that won’t hurt the birds. Use zip ties or outdoor glue to secure the spikes to the trampoline. 

Not that bird spikes will work only if there are no trees above the trampoline. This will make them land directly on the trampoline’s edge.

One other thing; use spikes only if your trampoline has a net around it. Don’t put the spikes on the trampoline. This will be dangerous for the little jumpers.

Instead, wrap them around the netting top where they’ll deter the birds from perching without injuring anyone. Make sure the spikes point upwards.

7. Use a Natural Enemy

Using a natural enemy is the best way of getting rid of birds from your trampoline – what better enemy than a rowdy cat?

Cats are cunning little cuties who enjoy chasing after birds. It’s like a hobby to them. Once they start chasing, they don’t stop until they have the last laugh.

To satisfy their needs, you can use them to keep birds away from your trampoline and your backyard. This will be a win-win for both you and your cat. It will have fun hunting while you enjoy the peace of a bird-free trampoline.

Birds are always wary of cats, and they will not dare perch on your trampoline when the cat is around.

8. Create Shiny, Reflective Surfaces 

Birds behave skittishly around shiny and reflective surfaces. Therefore, wrapping a reflective scare tape around the trampoline edges can ward them off.

Tin foil is another option to use, although it may not withstand the harsh conditions of the outdoors. It may also not stick well on the surface without tearing and will need to be replaced regularly.

There’s also the option of hanging small reflective discs around the edges and sides of your trampoline. These will help distract the birds. For the discs to work, they should be placed in such a way that they catch the light.

9. Use Wind Chimes

Birds can be deterred by loud noises and sudden movements. A wind chime can help keep them away, although this isn’t a long-term solution.

Noise from wind chimes is always unpleasant to birds and will make them stay away. But, with time, they can get accustomed to the noise and come back. So, you should use this approach along with the others mentioned above.

If pigeons discover your trampoline, using the above techniques is only half the battle. So, how do you keep these little birds at bay?

Dealing with Pigeons

Of all the birds, pigeons are the most stubborn and most destructive. Once they decide to perch on your trampoline, you’ll have a tough time getting them off.

They are the toughest of the birds, and they don’t scare easily.

What Pigeons Hate the Most

  • The presence of domineering birds (birds of prey) irritates pigeons very much. 
  • Pigeons also don’t tolerate strong smells like hot pepper spray or juice, or cinnamon.

Keeping Pigeons Off Your Trampoline

To make them scamper, try these effective techniques: 

  • Use a trampoline cage – A trampoline cage will trap them and get them off.
  • Slinky toys – These are similar to fishing lines. They will make it difficult for any pigeon to perch on your trampoline. 
  • Spike strips will also prevent the pigeons from perching or nesting on your trampoline. The good thing is that spikes won’t harm them; they’ll only deter them.
  • Bird Gels can help too. These are sticky gels that help repel pigeons. They contain a chemical that creates a translucent barrier across your trampoline. 

You can find a way to apply the gel on top of the trampoline. When applied, the pigeon’s feet will get stuck on the surface. Once it’s released, it will not think of coming around the second time.

  • Decoy Kite – A decoy kite will help you rid your trampoline of pigeons. You can use a kite-shaped bird image that sways in the wind. Make it look real because pigeons tend to get used to the decoys and may decide to stay.
  • Bird netting – Bird netting can be very effective if you use it on the enclosure net. It will create a net barrier and prevent the pigeons from nesting.

Spread strong scents and smells of cinnamon, essential oils, and pepper around the trampoline, and the pigeons will move away.

In Conclusion

Birds can be a nuisance in your backyard if attracted to your trampoline. You need careful planning to keep them off without hurting them because you don’t want to get in trouble with animal protection authorities.

There are ways to prevent them from perching on your trampoline without using inhumane methods.  The methods we’ve highlighted above can be used effectively. 

But it all depends on the kind of birds you’ll be dealing with and the area you reside in. 

Since birds are fussy, you may be forced to use more than one method to achieve your goal. Try as many options as you can to find one that works better for you.

Installing a trampoline in your backyard is the best fun gift you can give to your family – especially the kids. While it keeps them fit, it also helps with family bonding, entertainment, and outdoor fun.

Don’t make trampoline maintenance more expensive by allowing birds to perch on it. Try these methods and keep them off the unit for good. Some of these options are pretty cheap, and you can carry them out yourself with the best outcomes.

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