Can You Move a Trampoline without Taking It Apart? (5 Easy Tips and Tricks)

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Moving your trampoline to another house, city, or another place in the backyard? Don’t waste time dismantling it. Instead, use these easy tips to move the trampoline without taking it apart.

A time comes when you should move your trampoline.

You may want to take it: to more level ground in the garden, indoors away from the harsh weather, or to a different city.

So, you may be wondering, can you move a trampoline without taking it apart?

Yes, it’s possible to move a trampoline without dismantling it. It all depends on the trampoline size, the distance you’d like to move, and the availability of strong people near you.

Most indoor trampolines are small, so moving them isn’t a big deal.

So, let’s look at how you can move a large outdoor trampoline without taking it apart.

Ready? Let’s get busy.

How to Move a Trampoline without Taking It Apart Over a Short Distance

Would you like to move the trampoline to a different place within the backyard? You can use any of the following methods:

1. Manual Lifting

This is the perfect and most inexpensive way to move a rebounder over a short distance.

How do you lift a trampoline manually?

There are two ways, depending on the unit’s weight. If the trampoline is not too heavy and has no enclosure net, you may try to move it yourself.


Go under the trampoline and position yourself in the middle. Now, try to lift the equipment using your back gently. Do this with a lot of care to avoid getting injured.

The second approach applies to heavier trampolines. It involves getting help from at least four strong people to help move the equipment.

Once you get the four persons, you should keep an equal distance from each other and hold the trampoline. Maintaining an equal distance from one another helps to distribute the weight evenly.

Once everyone is in their position, lift the trampoline and take it to the place you want.

2. Trampoline Wheels

If you can’t lift the trampoline on your own or have no strong people near you to assist, it’s time to use the trampoline wheels.

Wheels are an effortless way to move a trampoline. If you’re lucky, you can get the trampoline from the manufacturer along with the wheels.

But if the trampoline doesn’t come with the wheels, don’t worry, as you can purchase them separately.

The best part? They are affordable.

Don’t forget: Different trampoline models need different wheels. So, purchase them carefully.

Once you’ve got the wheels, attach them to the trampoline legs and drag the unit to wherever you want. You can do this single-handedly or ask for help from someone.

After moving the tramp to your desired destination, take the wheels off the unit.

A word of caution: Never leave the trampoline with the wheels on. Also, don’t let anyone jump on a trampoline that has wheels attached to it. Wheels are to aid in movement only.

3. Sliding the Trampoline

This is another hassle-free and inexpensive method to move a trampoline over a short distance without dismantling it.

But remember this technique only works for cleaner gardens. If the grass is too grown, you may want to cut them first using a lawnmower.

How does it work?

Start by removing the enclosure net from the trampoline.

Next, apply WD40 or any other lubricant under the trampoline legs. That way, sliding the trampoline will be a walk in the park.

While applying a lubricant makes the trampoline slide with ease, it doesn’t make it lightweight. That’s why two people may need to move the heavy trampoline.

Note: One shortcoming of the WD40 is that it might damage your lawn or garden. That’s why we recommend you don’t apply it in large amounts.

But don’t worry, the lawn will soon recover if you apply the lubricant in small quantities.

How to Move a Trampoline over a Long Distance without Dismantling It

What if you want to move to a different home or city?

You can’t leave your trampoline back just because it’s too big. That’s when you’ll need to move it over a long distance.

Use the following approaches to make it work:

4. Truck

A truck might be the solution if you’re looking to move the entire trampoline.

But remember to remove the poles and enclosure netting, so they aren’t damaged during movement.

Besides, you may need to take off one or two legs from the trampoline.

And one more thing: remember to secure the trampoline with strong straps before the journey starts.

5. Trailer

A trailer can also help when moving the trampoline to a distant place without taking it apart.

Here’s what makes a trailer suitable: It’s wide enough to hold large trampolines.

Just to be sure, check the trailer’s dimensions to ensure it matches the trampoline’s width (so you should know the trampoline’s measurements as well).


With help from a few friends, you’ll need to lift the trampoline and place it on the trailer.

Next, use enough strong ratchet straps to secure the unit on the trailer.

This is important: Advise the trailer’s driver to move it at a moderate speed as fast driving might damage your precious rebounder.

Note: the weather condition is an essential factor to consider when ferrying the trampoline.

Do the Following before Using the Trampoline Again

After moving to the required destination, you’ll need to set it up and get jumping again. Not so fast.

Instead, you should first:

  •  Inspect all the parts to know if any is damaged.
  • Clean the unit to eliminate any debris or dust.
  • Tie the trampoline down with trampoline anchors so strong winds don’t blow it away.
  • If you live in a snowy region, don’t forget to winterize the trampoline.

Wrap up

It turns out that dismantling a trampoline entirely isn’t always the best way to move over short or long distances.

While we’d recommend dismantling the unit when shifting over a long distance, not taking it apart is not only inexpensive but time-saving, particularly for small distances.

We hope these tips will make your upcoming trampoline shifting painless.

Not moving yet? Get on with trampolining!

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Shmulik Dorinbaum

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