8 Best Trampolines with Enclosure

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8 Best Trampolines with Enclosure – A Perfect Combo of Fun, Workout, and Safety

Discover the best trampoline with the enclosure to make your kids jump, laugh, and grow healthy. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Have you started jumping on the best trampoline with enclosure yet?

Trampoline workouts are worth their weight in gold when it comes to your health and that of your child.

Rebounding improves the immune system’s functioning.

Here’s how:

The lymphatic system, an essential section of the immune system, contains lymphocytes that fight infections in the body.

Trampoline workouts cause a simultaneous closing and opening of the lymphatic system’s valves, which increases lymph flow by as high as 15X.

Not only does this strengthen your immune system, but it also slows down aging and removes toxins from the body.

What about kids? It boosts their self-esteem, improves their coordination and motor skills, among other benefits.

But don’t just pick any trampoline; consider those with an enclosure kit.

Why a Trampoline Enclosure Kit is Crucial

A trampoline enclosure kit comprises the netting and a zippered entry point to the trampoline. 

With an enclosure, users will be protected against jumping off the trampoline when jumping or dismounting. 

Ultimately, it prevents common injuries associated with trampolines.

8 Best Trampolines with Enclosure

Go through this list to find the right trampoline for your needs:

1. Lovely Snail 5FT Trampoline for Kids with Safety Enclosure Net Basketball Hoop

Lovely Snail 5ft trampoline is a sturdy unit with an excellent bounce. It comes with six foam padded poles with a zipper enclosure for extra protection.

The springs are made of galvanized steel, while the UV-resistant jump mat is woven with eight-thread sewing technology to ensure a comfortable jumping experience.

Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, this 5ft trampoline has a stable frame structure, 6 W-shaped legs for support, and a weight limit of 220 lbs. 

Your kids can enjoy basketball as they jump. It is straightforward to assemble and can be used both indoors and outdoors. 


  • Item material: Steel
  • Color: Green
  • Frame size: 5ft
  • Weight limit: 220 lbs

Things We Like

  • Maximum bounce
  • Quality construction
  • Rust resistance
  • Eight thread sewing technology on the jump mat
  • Durable
  • UV resistant mat
  • 6 W-shaped legs for easy movement

Our Concerns

  • The hoop is too flimsy to withstand any pressure applied to it
  • The assembly instructions aren’t so clear

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2. Merax 12FT 14FT 16FT Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net, Winds Stakes, and Ladder

Merax is an aesthetically pleasing trampoline available in 12ft, 14ft, and 16ft sizes. You have wind stakes to hold it in the ground during strong winds. 

Merax is designed with a heavy-duty galvanized steel frame and 72 strong steel springs to ensure a great bounce – great for both children and adults. It also has U-shaped steel legs for stability. The frame and other steel components are all coated with rust-resistant powder.

As far as safety is concerned, the Merax trampoline has a safety enclosure net connected to 6 poles to prevent falls. The unit is easy to set up, with simple-to-follow instructions. 

The steel ladder ensures safe climbing in and out of the trampoline.


  • Frame size: 12ft
  • Color: Blue
  • Material: Steel, foam
  • Frame: Alloy steel

Things We Like

  • Ideal for adults and children
  • Strong build
  • Safe to climb and play on
  • UV resistant enclosure

Our Concerns

  • The holes in the legs have different drilling positions, making the installation of legs a challenge for some users

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3. Skywalker 12 Foot Trampoline with Enclosure Net – Basketball

The Skywalker 12ft trampoline with enclosure provides lots of fun for kids six years and above. It comes with a durable design that interlocks with the jumping mat v-rings with a button-hole feature to do away with gaps.

Now, if you’re curious whether this unit has an enclosure, yes, it does. The safety enclosure is patented, with the reinforced T-sockets stabilizing the upper enclosure by connecting it to the frame.

Do you know what this means? No more structural twisting of your trampoline. And with a 16 gauge, powder-coated, galvanized steel frame and 6 W-shaped legs, you are assured of safety, stability, and durability.

This is a unit meant for the family.


  • Item Weigh: 138.23 lbs
  • Size: 12ft 
  • Color: Red
  • Weight limit: 200 lbs
  • Material: Foam, steel
  • Frame: Alloy steel

Things We Like

  • Patented technology
  • Reinforced steel frame
  • Stable leg support
  • Woven net with dual zipper

Our Concern

  • Takes a while to assemble

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4. Zupapa 15-14-12 Ft TUV

Zupapa trampoline comes in different sizes, and all models from this brand have an excellent balance of price and quality. 

TUV means certification from TUV Nord, which is a renowned sporting equipment certification agency in Europe. Its symbol is a sign of quality.

Zupapa trampoline is designed with wide, bracket-shaped legs for support and stability. It comes with a safety net, 108 heavy gauge steel springs, and a frame.

The reason you should get this model is its quality construction and the many accessories it brings home.

Zupapa bags a galvanized steel ladder, rain cover, and net enclosure. The best thing about this Zupapa is its easy setup procedure. 


  • Frame size: 8ft
  • Material: Steel
  • Max. Weight: 425 lbs

Things We Like

  • Easy to assemble
  • Quality materials
  • Plenty of accessories

Our Concern

  • Zipping the net is difficult with the ladder on
  • The written instructions could use some improvement (but Zupapa’s YouTube video is clear)

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5. LANGXUN 60″ Trampoline for Kids – 5ft Outdoor & Indoor Mini Toddler

The Langxun 60” trampoline is a German-made unit with a seamless design between the mat and enclosure, eliminating the gap. It’s a sturdy and comfortable trampoline with beautiful aesthetics.

The steel frame is reinforced with T-sockets to stabilize the upper enclosure frame to the rest of the body and prevent twisting. 

Langxun trampoline boasts of a high density, tightly woven, UV treated PE thread-safety enclosure net. 

The springs are made from heavy gauged steel material to ensure a superior bounce, while the jump mat is UV protected for durability. 


  • Frame size: 5ft
  • Color: Yellow
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Frame: Alloy steel
  • Max. Weight: 220 lbs

Things We Like

  • Buckle design
  • Easy to assemble
  • High-quality construction
  • Indoor and outdoor use

Our Concern

  • The padding covering the springs tends to shift up
  • The net looks flimsy 

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6. Asee’m 60″ Trampoline for Kids with Net – 5 FT Indoor Outdoor Toddler Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

The Asee’m 60″ trampoline comprises a rust-proof steel structure, 3 U-shaped legs, UV resistant jump pad, and safety net and poles.

The all-weather safety enclosure net and foam protector ensure a safe bouncing environment, free from injuries.

The legs are covered with suction cups to improve stability and protect the floor when kids are playing indoors. This unit is light, making it easy to move it from one place to another.

This model comes with a built-in basketball hoop for extra fun. The manufacturers have ensured that there’s no gap between the mat and pad. This will eliminate the risks of pinching and injury.

The Asee’m trampoline is large enough to accommodate up to two children. You can have it outdoors or indoors.


  • Frame size: 5ft
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Frame Material: Alloy Steel
  • Color: Yellow
  • Item weight: 29 lbs
  • Weight limit: 220 lbs

Things We Like

  • Easy to assemble
  • Portable
  • Bouncy jump mat
  • The basketball hoop gives children an opportunity to practice and jump more

Our Concerns

  • The written instructions aren’t detailed enough 
  • The net isn’t so sturdy

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7. 60″ Trampoline for Kids – 5 Ft Indoor or Outdoor Mini Toddler Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

This trampoline has excellent bounce, considering the elasticity and non-deformation of its springs. The jumping mat is full of elasticity, too, allowing children to jump higher.

It comes with six foam-protected bars and an enclosure net that offers 360 degrees protection. 

The materials are all-weather, letting your kids enjoy their bouncy trampoline any time, any season,

With a waterproof trampoline, you can install your trampoline outdoors or indoors, regardless of the season. 

Setting up this trampoline takes only 15 minutes. 


  • Frame size: 5ft
  • Material: Foam, steel
  • Color: Blue
  • Frame material: Alloy steel

Things We Like

  • Easy to assemble
  • Maximum bounce
  • All-weather material
  • Steel tube frame for longevity
  • UV proof jump pad

Our Concerns

  • The poles easily slip out of the frame
  • The written instructions aren’t so straightforward 

Check pricing on amazon

8. 55inches Trampoline for Kids – Mini Toddler Trampoline with Enclosure Net

The mini toddler trampoline is manufactured with a seamless design with no gap between the mat and enclosure net.

If your concern is safety, know that this model comes with EPE foam protective sleeves to prevent the children from unexpected knocks during jumps. The 360-degree enclosure net also protects them from falling off. 

It is built with a heavy gauge steel frame with six contact points to keep the trampoline firm and stable. The thick springs have premium elasticity and non-deformation for durability.

The hexagonal frame keeps it stronger, with a stable base and load-bearing capacity. 

This trampoline is easy to assemble. It comes with detailed instructions with photo guidance. In just an hour, you’ll have your trampoline ready in the garden.


  • Item weight: 11 kg
  • Frame size: 55 Inches
  • Frame material: Galvanized steel. PE net, Foam
  • Weight capacity: 220 lbs
  • Color: Red & green

Things We Like

  • Easy to set up
  • Comes with an instruction manual

Our Concerns

  • Only ideal for small kids (6 years and below)
  • The red-green color may not appeal to everyone

Check pricing on Amazon

Factors to Guide You in Selecting the Best Trampoline with Enclosure

These factors will help you choose the best trampoline for your family.


You’d want a trampoline that will last you years of fun and exercise. Always check the whole trampoline construction, including material quality, to ensure it’s sturdy, stable, and wear/tear/weather resistant.

Remember, quality trampolines come with an extended warranty period.


Trampolines are built with different features and accessories. Depending on the age of the users and the purpose of buying your trampoline, you may decide on a model with fun extras like a basketball hoop or not. 

Placement of Safety Net

The role of a trampoline safety enclosure is to protect users from falling off and injuring themselves. The primary safety concern is the metal springs that connect the jump mat to the frame. They may come covered with padding but can still cause injuries to the little toes and fingers of the children. Check to ensure that your trampoline has a no-gap enclosure for the children’s safety.

Trampoline with Enclosure FAQs

When is the Best Time to Bring a Trampoline Home?

Children start having fun and running around from the age of four. That is the time they may appreciate their trampoline jumps. It is also great for keeping their adrenaline in check. When choosing the best trampoline for kids under six years, look for a model with extra safety features.

Is it Necessary to Get a Trampoline with a Safety Enclosure?

Safety is an essential factor when it comes to buying a trampoline. A net adds more safety to your trampoline by reducing injury risks by 50%. You’ll be at peace knowing that your children are enjoying their jumps safely.

How do I protect my trampoline from extreme weather conditions?

Your trampoline will stay outdoors for years. Therefore, you must ensure that it can withstand extreme weather conditions. 

Choose weather-proof models that can resist all kinds of weather. It is also important to take certain measures when the weather is harsh.

During heavy downpours or snowy weather, make sure you remove excess water and snow from the trampoline immediately to prevent the springs from staffing.

To do this, unclog the drainage holes to allow the water to flow away.

Get a trampoline cover for your unit. This will ensure your trampoline is protected from the rain, snow, sun, and other climatic effects.

In stormy or windy weather, your trampoline will need firm anchoring into the ground. Get an anchor set ready for whenever the windy/stormy season comes. This will protect it from being torn or blown away.

The winter frost will not spare your trampoline either. The best thing to do at this time is to take off the safety net and padding with all the tubes and other components that cannot withstand the frosty cold. Store them away until the winter season passes. 

The Final Verdict

When scouting for the best trampoline with enclosure, there are things you cannot overlook. Safety should be a priority, including your model’s quality, stability, and accessories. 

If you’re looking for a multi-user model with a high bounce, you’d need something like the Asee’m 60” Trampoline for Kids

And if you want a budget-friendly trampoline with plenty of accessories, Zuppapa 15-14-12ft TUV will give you that and more.

Or, you need something for family fun, fitness, and entertainment. Skywalker 12 Foot Trampoline with Enclosure Net – Basketball is built for family jumping and fun. Play basketball with your kids until you drop. 

If what you are looking for ticks all the feature boxes, don’t hesitate to go for it. 

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