Will a Moving Company Move a Trampoline? (Size & Weight Guide Included)

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Moving a trampoline is a delicate process that needs the input of a professional. Read on to understand how hiring a moving company will benefit you.

Will a moving company move your trampoline?

Yes, a moving company will move a trampoline safely to a distant destination.

But beware: Moving a trampoline is a delicate process that requires a lot of precaution.

The risk of the trampoline getting damaged is higher when you’re moving houses.

You’ll need to find a better way to move it safely, and engaging a moving company is one of them.

Read on to find out more about trampoline moving.

How to Move Your Trampoline

Trampoline moving can be done in many ways. Your trampoline mover can do it by disassembling the parts or by transporting it whole. 

The most suitable way for you will depend on your situation.

The best way of moving a trampoline may depend on distance.

If you want it moved across your yard, you’ll only need a few extra hands. 

Another way to do it safely is to disassemble it, move it part by part, and then put it back together.

But there’s one problem: Dismantling a trampoline can take longer to accomplish. 

Then there’s the other process of putting it back together. It’s not an easy thing to do.

If you’re moving to a new home, your only option will be to transport your trampoline in a vehicle. 

Using a Moving Company to Move Your Trampoline

When moving to another place with your family, you have to consider how your trampoline will arrive at your new place.

That’s where a moving company comes in.

When switching homes, hiring a moving company will be ideal.

Most movers come with their staff who are experienced in moving both fragile and other items.

Furthermore, their services are insured. So in case something happens during the time of moving, they’ll take responsibility for it. 

Movers have many ways of helping you relocate. 

Depending on your possessions, they’ll always find the best way to transport them without damaging any single one of them.

For your trampoline, for example, they can use these two methods.

Using a Trailer

A big trailer will save you the hassle of having to disassemble your trampoline before moving it to a distant location.

Movers have massive trailers that match your trampoline size. 

They come with their aides, who’ll take care of lifting the unit to the trailer.

To protect the mat, they’ll place the unit with the jumping mat facing to the right of the trailer’s left side.

They’ll also lock the trampoline using ratchet straps to keep it intact. 

Hiring a moving company is the best way to ensure trampoline safety. 

They’ll cover it well after mounting it on the trailer and drive slowly to your new yard.

But that’s not all.

The moving company will only leave after placing the trampoline safely in its appropriate new location.

They’ll involve you in every step of its relocation until you are satisfied that the unit is not damaged in any way.

Using a Truck

Movers also have trucks they use for long-distance trampoline moving. 

Their trucks have enough space to accommodate the whole trampoline. 

They’ll fasten it on the truck with straps and ensure that the net and poles are protected.

If they need to, they’ll disassemble the trampoline, load it on the truck, and put it together after taking it to the new location.

They have trained staff to carry out such delicate operations.

What to Expect from Your Moving Company

Before you engage a moving company to transport your trampoline, you should make sure they have;

1. The Expertise

It is vital that you feel confident that the moving company you’ve hired can accomplish its task with expertise and experience.

The best way to judge your mover’s expertise is to look into their track record and customer feedback from reviews and testimonials.

2. Moving Equipment and Trampoline Safety

Before hiring a mover, you must make sure they have the proper equipment for hauling your trampoline. 

What size and weight is your trampoline? Which brand is it from?

These are some of the factors that will influence the relocation process. 

Your chosen mover will be accounting for your trampoline’s dimensions to adjust accordingly.

When it has all the information needed, the mover will organize proper preparation and packaging to ensure safety during the transportation process. 

They will use the right equipment and bring a professional team on board, and you have to take note of that.

3. Quality Service Delivery

Your moving company’s service quality should never be compromised by price, regardless of how intricate your move is. 

Whether on a tight budget or not, get the right mover who meets your needs and puts quality first. 

The negotiation and other procedures should be safe and hassle-free. 

Moving a Trampoline over a Short Distance

Moving a trampoline within your yard doesn’t require the service of a moving company.

Owning a small trampoline is better because you can do it yourself or with the help of one or two other people. 

But for larger units, moving is only possible with a few techniques or with the help of a professional mover.

Here’s an effective technique to use:

Using Trampoline Wheels 

Trampoline wheels are excellent tools for moving a trampoline to a shorter distance without disassembling. 

You only need one or two people to help you settle it in a new place. 

Only a few manufacturers provide trampoline wheels. You may have to part with a few dollars to get them. 

Moving your trampoline using this method is suitable for straight-leg units.

Wheels are easy to attach to straight legs and drag your trampoline to wherever you want it to be.

After settling your trampoline in its place, you simply take the wheels off, and you’re done.

To Sum It Up

When relocating to another place, a moving company can help to move your trampoline safely. This is because they’re more qualified to do the job. They also have the right equipment and teams to make sure your unit reaches its new destination without a hitch. 

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