What Trampoline Size is the Bounciest? (Detailed Guide Included)

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So, what size of trampoline is the bounciest? Here’s what you need to know about trampoline bounce and how to find the bounciest trampoline for your home. 

When you think of a trampoline, the first thing that comes to mind is the bounce.

Which begs the question; what trampoline size is the bounciest?

Well, logically, a larger size (from 12ft – 16ft) trampoline is bouncier. 

This is because larger trampolines are designed with longer springs that offer more elasticity.

They also have more springs, a quality mat and can accommodate multiple jumpers because of the larger jumping surface.

All these are factors that contribute to a trampoline’s excellent bounce.

Now that you know the right trampoline size to have, let’s understand the mechanism behind a trampoline’s bounciness.

Keep reading to find out.

What Makes a Trampoline Bouncy?

Remember that giddy thrill you get when jumping on a trampoline?

Yes, that’s the bounce effect brought about by your jump and some of the great features of the unit. 

When you jump on the trampoline mat, it briefly gives way before launching you upwards into the air. 

The more force you exert in your jump, the higher up in space you can fly.

What happens is that the trampoline springs that work to give you maximum bounce on your trampoline.

The springs tend to stretch when you force the jumping mat downward (when kinetic energy is exerted on the springs). 

Then they pull back against your weight and return to their normal position, pulling the mat fabric back to its original place while launching you into the air.

The higher you jump, the greater the bounce.

Which Size of Trampoline Has the Greatest Bounce? 

To begin with, the bounce quality of a trampoline depends partly on its size.

A smaller trampoline offers a smaller bounce, which only little children can enjoy.

A smaller trampoline won’t send little kids flying into the air.

That’s because the trampoline is small, with light springs, a small jumping space, and lightweight jumpers on top. 

A larger size trampoline is bouncier because they are made with long, elastic springs supported by a quality jumping mat and big jumpers.

Factors that Impact a Trampoline’s Bounce

A trampoline is designed to produce a springy bounce when you jump on it. This is what gives you exhilaration and fun.

Besides shape, other components that help determine the trampoline’s bounciness are the mat and spring. 

Let’s look at all the factors that affect the bounce of a trampoline.

The Trampoline Shape

Out of all trampolines, the rectangular types are the bounciest. Round trampolines are the least bouncy.

However, manufacturers have found a way to design round trampolines with quality mats and springs to make them more bouncy.

The Trampoline Mat

A professional-grade jumping mat, like the one used by gymnasts, can give you that ultimate bounce you’re looking for. 

The mat is strong and has a bed woven with nylon. It can produce a bounce of up to 33 feet and more.  

The Trampoline Springs

Trampoline springs are designed to stretch and retract whenever you jump and still retain their shape even after extended use. 

Some trampolines are made using rod-based technology. This is where fiberglass rods are used to create a coiling action instead of springs. 

This, in turn, provides a softer, safer bounce compared to metal springs. The rods don’t have spring gaps either.

The Weight of the Jumper

Your weight also plays a part in the trampoline’s bounce quality. 

A child may not cause a serious bounce the same way an adult would. 

That’s why their units are designed with lighter springs. 

For an adult, you have adequate weight to produce a significant bounce on a larger trampoline.

How to Increase Bounce on Your Existing Trampoline

If your trampoline isn’t as bouncy as you want, you can perform a few adjustments and tricks to increase its bounce.

1. Add More Springs

Any trampoline is bouncy because of the number of springs it has. The springs give it the elasticity to increase the bounce.

As you jump on the trampoline, the springs stretch out and store your kinetic energy, which they use to launch you into the air. 

So if you want to make it bouncier, just add more springs.

The best way to add more springs to your trampoline is by using anchor kits. 

Anchor kits make it easy to add extra springs around the trampoline.

2. Replace Worn Out Springs

When springs get exposed to harsh weather conditions, they start rusting. 

This reduces the trampoline’s bounce as the old springs cannot stretch much for lack of elasticity. 

If the trampoline has been in use for long without maintenance, the springs get broken or cracked and need replacing. 

One broken spring can affect the bounce, let alone becoming a safety hazard.

The only way to improve the bounciness of your trampoline is to replace the old and worn-out springs with new ones.

What is the Bounciest Trampoline Brand?

These are some of the bounciest trampolines you’ll find on the market.

1. Giantex 8FT 10Ft 12Ft 14Ft 15Ft 16Ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net, Spring Pad, Ladder, Combo Bounce Jump Trampoline, Outdoor Trampoline for Kids, Adults

2. Merax 15 FT Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net, Basketball Hoop

3. AOTOB 5FT 8FT 12FT 14FT 15FT Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net,Outdoor Trampoline with Basketball Hoop, Heavy Duty Jumping Mat, and Spring Cover Padding for Kids and Adults, Storage Bag and Ladder

4. Skywalker Trampolines – Rectangle Jump-N-Dunk Trampoline with Enclosure

5. ORCC Trampoline 15 14 12 10 8ft Outdoor Trampoline Weight Capacity 450LBS for Kids Adults

Most backyard trampolines can take you up to 8 feet high based on their quality components and your own ability.

In Conclusion

A larger size trampoline is the bounciest because it provides a greater recoil. To get one that generates great bounce, check to ensure that it has a good number of springs and a quality jumping mat.

But the bigger your trampoline, the better bounce you and your kids will experience. 

A larger trampoline will offer more fun extras, and you’ll be able to jump on it as a family. 

Your children will enjoy outdoor moments with their friends, too, with minimal chances of injury.

Overall, the size of the trampoline will depend on who it’s meant for and the space you have in your backyard. 

Your priorities should be in mind when choosing your high-bounce trampoline.

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Shmulik Dorinbaum

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