Does a Trampoline Need a Net? (Plus Tips for Getting One)

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To prevent severe injuries, get a trampoline insurance cover, and save a lot in medical costs; you need a trampoline enclosure net. Here’s how valuable this accessory truly is.

Trampolines are a powerful recreational and exercise machine for kids and adults alike.

But without putting safety measures in place, this pleasurable piece of equipment can also be hazardous.

In fact, a study shows that between 1998 and 2017, there were 1 376 659 emergency visits across the United States due to trampoline accidents.

And most of these injuries involve children below 16 years.

Does this mean you should stop using trampolines and wrap the kids in bubble wrap?

Of course, not.

Instead, employ safety measures and keep an eye on the kids whenever they’re jumping higher on this equipment.

We can’t speak of trampoline safety without mentioning the enclosure net, which has been shown to reduce 50% of all trampoline-related accidents.

So, the primary purpose of this article is to show you what a trampoline net is all about, why you need it, and how to find one.

Ready? Let’s net in.

What Exactly is a Trampoline Net?

A trampoline net is a safety enclosure that minimizes the chances of falling off a trampoline or hitting the trampoline frame. 

It’s easy to fall off a trampoline that is not enclosed. Bouncy trampolines are designed for high jumps. So if you aren’t protected, you can land hard on the ground or hit the frame.

A trampoline safety net is the most used accessory among the many safety measures for the trampoline.

It is manufactured with excellent quality synthetic material and zinc tubes and woven thick to make it strong enough to hold the jumpers inside.

A net is held together using metal poles. The poles are covered in foam sleeve padding to ensure the safety and comfort of the user.

The netting has to go around the trampoline for maximum protection and extend for about 6 feet higher. It comes with a zipper that lets you lock the naughty jumpers in before they start bouncing.

Safety enclosures come in different qualities, sizes, and shapes, depending on the trampoline dimensions.

What is the Purpose of a Safety Net?

Trampoline safety nets are designed to protect the people using the trampoline, thus reducing the risk of injuries or accidents.

As we all know, kids are very adventurous beings. They will always try dangerous stunts when jumping on the trampoline. Such moves can make them fall off and land on the ground or the metal frame.

A safety enclosure helps to prevent them from getting themselves caught inside the springs too. 

Why You Need a Net on the Trampoline

The cases of trampoline accidents and injuries can escalate if you don’t put safety measures in place. Little jumpers often lose control while bouncing and end up in hospital with broken bones or lacerations after jumping off the unit.

A trampoline net is an essential accessory to have on your trampoline. It will keep the rebounders safe from injuries at all times.

Trampoline manufacturers have developed the net to make trampolining more safe and entertaining for users. As a result, and true to their intentions, cases of trampoline injuries are reducing at a drastic pace.

Here are reasons why your trampoline must have a net.

  • The net helps prevent users from hitting any rigid components of the trampoline, including the frame and springs.
  • Trampoline springs can pinch users if they aren’t covered well. And the frames cause much worse injuries when a user accidentally hits them. A net provides the first contact to prevent this.
  • A net built with soft synthetic material allows rebounders to slide slowly down the mat, preventing burns and bruises even with rough play.
  • Trampoline netting shields users from falling off the trampoline. Children can quickly lose control while jumping. The net will catch them, lower them steadily to the ground, or toss them back to the springy mat.
  • A trampoline net allows unobstructed adult supervision. Kids need to be supervised by adults while trampolining. When enclosed with a safety net, you’ll see what’s going on inside the trampoline and manage to control their stunts and potential accidents.
  • Having a safety net gives the little rebounders the freedom to spread out as they jump. They’ll be able to use the trampoline’s periphery to the maximum. It will also minimize cases of collision when jumping as a group.
  • A trampoline net will also keep your pets and other pests from damaging the mat or creating a mess. However, not even pets or pests can resist the temptation of taking a nap or resting on your trampoline. In addition, some will be more curious to know what lies underneath the jumping mat, so they’ll not hesitate to give it a deep scratch.
  • Insurance firms will only accept to cover your trampoline when it has an enclosure net.

Jumping inside an enclosed trampoline is much safer for kids. It even gives you peace of mind knowing that they won’t be able to get hurt colliding or falling off the unit.

Getting the Right Trampoline Net 

Not all trampoline nets are built the same. Some come with awkwardly curved poles, which can cause more harm to the jumper. Others have a soft mesh that breaks easily and pose a danger to trampoline users.

To get an appropriate net for your unit, make sure it’s built to last with quality materials and features. The mesh has to be sturdy, with gently curved poles. 

The net is often sewed onto the mat, so safety pads remain outside the enclosure. This helps to prevent impact injuries from the frame. 

If your trampoline is outdoors, get UV-resistant netting that will not deteriorate after a short time of usage.

A good net should be zipper closed. Some are reinforced with Velcro strips or snap buckles.  It should also firmly attach to the enclosure with reinforced connections. 

We recommend you consider purchasing a trampoline that already has a safety enclosure net

What if you have one without a net, or you’re looking to replace a worn-out net?

In that case, purchase a net from your trampoline model’s manufacturer just to ensure it fits perfectly.

Point to Note

Regardless of the need to have a trampoline net, you should not overlook the idea of supervising your kids while bouncing on the trampoline.

It’s vital to keep an eye on them. This way, you can save a dangerous situation as soon as you spot it. But, unfortunately, having a net enclosure doesn’t prevent children from trying dangerous moves and stunts like somersaulting, for example. 

Some will even want to climb over to the top, and when they lose their grip, they’ll fall over and collide with the others.  

Final Thoughts

A trampoline net is a necessary accessory to have on your trampoline. It can save you a lot from medical expenses you’d incur after a trampoline accident.

Children will only enjoy carefree fun experiences when jumping under an enclosure net. Your supervision also counts because having a net isn’t enough to guarantee their safety. 

Now you know why every trampoline needs a net. The risk of users having an accident will go down, and even pets and pests will stay away.

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