Best Springfree Trampolines – Are They Worth All The Hype?

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Wondering whether a Springfree trampoline is ideal for your child and backyard? Read on to discover this and other least known facts about this trampoline.

As a good parent, you want to get a trampoline to keep your kiddos playing outside. 

But as a caring and responsible adult, you care about the safety of your children while they play outside.

What would you choose? 

To get the kids a standard, traditional trampoline that requires you to keep an eye on them as they jump, or get them the best Springfree trampoline with safety features to prevent possible falls and injuries?

The Springfree trampoline was invented with the jumper’s safety in mind.

Dr. Keith Alexander wanted a trampoline to impress and entertain his daughter. But his wife didn’t buy this idea because, according to her, trampolines are risky for kids to play on.

As a caring and responsible dad, Keith took the challenge and decided to create a trampoline to make his daughter jump safely. 

That’s precisely how the Springless trampoline was invented.

Keep reading to know more about the best Springfree trampoline’s benefits, shapes, accessories, and more.

Benefits of Springfree Trampolines 

Why should you care about investing in a Springfree trampoline?

Safety is Guaranteed

As earlier mentioned, safety motivated Dr. Keith Alexander to invent Springfree.

Specifically, Springfree trampolines feature an innovative construction mechanism that resolves three of the most common problems associated with spring-style trampolines: the rigid steel frame, the springs, and the enclosure net.

While these elements play a significant role in the trampoline’s performance, they are also known to cause fractures and sprains.

How Springfree fixed these safety issues:

Concerned about the safety of trampoline users, Springfree replaced the springs with flexible but strong rods.

On top of that, they placed a hard frame underneath the mat, where it’s difficult to reach even if jumping stunts had to go wrong.

The other common cause of injuries is the flimsy net that doesn’t keep the jumper away from the trampoline’s edge. Often, the net weakens to a point where it breaks, and a kid might fall off the rebounder altogether.

But Springfree ensures no one falls from the trampoline. Here’s how they do that:

Their net is connected to the trampoline’s solid edge rather than hanging above it. This mechanism ensures there are no holes where a child can fall through.

On top of that, the enclosure net on the best Springfree trampoline is sturdier, firmer, and well-knit. It doesn’t weaken over time, like the others.

Top-Grade Materials

Here’s another reason why Springfree trampolines have legions of fans – they are made of high-quality materials that enhance their safety, performance, and longevity.

Specifically, the trampolines have:

  • Shock-absorbent mats – The mat absorbs shock about 30X more than the pads you’d find on a conventional trampoline.
  • Flexible rods for safe bouncing – Instead of springs that often stretch, collect rust, and trap feet and toes, Springfree uses flexible rods. These rods offer a smooth bounce and lie below the jumping surface, away from anyone on the jumping mat.
  • The FlexiNet enclosure prevents falls – Springfree’s patented enclosure net features flexible rods to protect children and curb falls. If the jumper throngs the net, they are directed back to the center and can’t touch the net rods. 
  • Rust-proof steel frames – The frames below the jumping surface have three layers of anti-rust coating, which is why they can withstand harsh weather elements outdoors.

The Bounce is Gentle on the Knees 

The bounce of a Springfree trampoline is similar to that of a spring-based one regarding how high the jump can take you. The Springfree trampoline’s mat has a porosity like that of traditional trampolines. 

But here’s the difference: the feel of the bounce is different because the best Springfree trampoline provides a smooth, non-jarring bounce. As a result, the trampoline’s deep, soft bounce is gentle on the jumper’s knees and joints.

In this video, Dr. Keith Vivian Alexander answers the question, “Is it bouncy?”

High-Quality Parts

A Springfree trampoline’s components are weather-resistant. These include:

  • UV stabilized net rods and mat
  • A powder-coated and galvanized steel frame
  • A UV stabilized polypropylene mat

You can use the best Springfree trampoline throughout the year without covering or packing it, including during the coldest winters or harshest summers.

The jumping mats can accommodate a lot of weight, but be sure to remove the excess snow in heavy snowfalls. Use a soft-bristle brush rather than a shovel to remove the snow.

It’s due to their high-quality parts that Springfree trampolines have an extended warranty period.

10-Year Warranty

This is the only trampoline offering a solid 10-year warranty on each component. The company warrants its products to be defect-free in both material and artistry during everyday domestic use. This doesn’t include tear and wear, cuts, burns, or snags.

Springfree Trampoline Shapes

These trampolines are available in round, oval, and square shapes.


Many users treasure the round trampoline shape because it’s so sturdy. 

But wait, there’s more.

Round trampolines are always known to direct a jumper back to the middle of the mat, regardless of where they’d started the jump.


A square trampoline is spacious, allowing the jumper to use every centimeter. 

Most children prefer jumping off the trampoline’s corners, and that’s what a square shape gives them.

Most importantly, square trampolines tend to have more bounce than their oval and round counterparts.

Springfree offers square trampolines in jumbo and large sizes, measuring 13 X 13 and 11 X 11 respectively.


Due to their elongated design, oval trampolines are bigger than the round ones. While on an oval trampoline, you can make longer jumps, but you’ll need to work harder to have the same jumping power.

Here’s something worth noting about oval trampolines: assembling them needs work.

At Springfree, you’ll find oval trampolines in large, medium, and compact sizes.

Accessories to Expect on the Best Springfree Trampolines

Springfree provides five accessories. Three of the accessories are functional, and two are fun.

Let’s look at each of them briefly, starting with the functional ones:

  • Basketball hoop – The hoop attaches to the net’s top and consists of the same materials as the trampoline. In other words, there are no tough surfaces to hurt you. Like in basketball, a player can jump and dunk.
  • FlexrStep – It’s a step that makes it easy to get on and off the trampoline. This step doesn’t touch the jumping mat like other metal parts, increasing your children’s safety.
  • Tgoma – It’s the software that makes the trampoline smart. How so? It connects the jumping mat’s four sensors to a tablet via Bluetooth. Tgoma is primarily a fitness and educational app for the entire family.

Only those Springfree trampolines created after 2015 support Tgoma, so be sure to check the year of manufacture. Remember, you’ll need your tablet to link to this app.

  • Ground anchors – They connect the trampoline to uneven ground, making it safer. These anchors can hold a pull-out force of 900N max. But you don’t need ground anchors to make a Springfree trampoline safe. Moving a Springfree trampoline isn’t easy too.
  • Shifting wheels – You can place these wheels on the trampoline and move them when no one is jumping. For example, you can place the wheels on the trampoline and go on to wash the floor or weed the garden.

Best Springfree Trampoline Review

Here’s one of the best Springfree trampolines we recommend you check out:

Springfree Trampoline Kids Jumbo Square 13Ft

When your kid is jumping, the last thing you want to worry about is a fall. Fortunately, the S155 Kids Jumbo has got you covered. It comes with a FlexiNet safety enclosure and flexible rods to cushion jumpers and prevent them from falling.

Comfort is king when bouncing on this trampoline. Why? There’s a SoftEdge mat to eliminate any hard edges on the jumping area while absorbing shock.

There’s a hidden frame located beneath the jumping mat to reduce injuries, as it’s impossible to jump on this frame.

The trampoline features flexible composite rods – a great alternative to metal springs. Thus, when a kid is on the jumping surface, the feet won’t be trapped or pinched.

Most families prefer the jumbo square shape with curved corner edges, making it easy to tuck it into any backyard corner. Ease the mind by letting the little ones jump on the safe Springfree Trampoline Jumbo.

What We Like

  • Soft edges on the jumping mat
  • Flexible net to cushion wayward jumpers and prevent falls to the ground
  • No springs to keep feet from being trapped
  • An ideal shape for backyards
  • 10-year warranty

Our Concern

  • Installing the rods can be tricky. Follow the written instructions closely
  • It’s pricier than regular trampolines of a similar size. But hey, the quality  worth the price-tag

The Best Springfree Trampoline Frequently Asked Questions 

Are Springfree Trampolines Worth the Money?

Yes. So, if you care about your child’s safety and want to upgrade their workout and fun equipment, go for a Springfree trampoline.

Remember, while you may save when buying an inexpensive trampoline, it’s likely to cost you later on to treat a fractured leg, a broken arm, and other injuries.

And that’s not all. You may need to replace the enclosure net twice a year at approximately $100 per net. It’s worth spending the money on a high-quality unit in the first place, right?

Can you wear shoes on a Springfree trampoline?

No, you can’t. Wearing shoes on the Springfree trampoline is dangerous and can result in serious injury. While Springfree trampolines are the world’s safest, you don’t want to ruin your enjoyable jumps by entering the jumping mat in your shoes.

Wearing shoes while rebounding can injure your ankles since the feet aren’t entirely flat for the jumping mat. You may land in an awkward position when jumping, and this makes your ankles and feet ache. Not to mention, you can easily trip or slip over the shoes as they’re rather heavy and give you a less even bounce.

So, walking barefoot on a jumping mat is the best option. Not only does it help with balancing, but it also enhances the vestibular system.

How much weight can the Springfree trampoline take?

The weight limit of all Springfree trampolines is 220lbs. Only the compact round, small round, and compact oval models have a weight limit of 175lbs.

How long will the Springfree trampoline last?

10 years or so. The Springfree trampoline comes with a 10-year warranty for a reason – it’s durable. This is contrary to the regular trampolines that need to be replaced every three years.

Most users are from places with harsh weather conditions but claim to have used the trampoline for years.

Here’s what a Nebraska-based customer had to say about this trampoline’s longevity:

How do you winterize a Springfree trampoline?

The Springless trampoline’s engineering and design make it withstand even the harshest weather elements. You can leave it outside throughout the year and enjoy jumping even in snow.

Here are top winter maintenance and care hacks for the trampoline:

  • Use a soft bristle or broom to clear any collected snow off the Springless trampoline regularly. Avoid using shovels or stiff bristles as they might damage the jumping mat.
  • With the broom or brush, reach onto the mat’s center and pull the accumulated snow toward you and away from the trampoline through the zipped door.

Be sure to apply these tips even if you don’t plan on jumping to keep the trampoline in pristine condition.

Can you put a Springfree trampoline in the ground?

The short answer is it’s not necessary

When putting a trampoline of such massive size in the ground, you need to do a lot of digging to create adequate space for the object. And during digging, moisture is released, which may get in touch with the trampoline’s frame.

While Springfree trampolines have a coating on their frame with a thickness of three layers to prevent the frame’s wear, tear, rusting, flaking, and peeling, placing the frame in a dark and moist environment may deteriorate the frame’s structural integrity. 

Sure, the frame won’t rust immediately, but outing it in the ground increases the chances of rusting.

Rust isn’t the only issue, though. The entire process of installing a Springless trampoline in the ground is extensive. If not done well, it might still endanger the jumpers.

Besides, the best Springfree trampoline is already designed to ease your mind while the kids are jumping. So, there’s no need to place it in the ground as it’s already safe the way it is with an enclosure net to prevent falls and all.

Are VULY or Springfree trampolines better?

Both VULY and Springfree trampolines are excellent, but how do they compare?

Both VULY and Springfree have top-grade artistry, innovative safety features, impressive bounce quality, UV-resistant, and durable components.

These trampolines are safer than their typical spring-based counterparts.

But the two have some differences:

While Springfree trampolines are known for flexible rods, VULY Thunder uses leaf spring technology, an idea borrowed from the automotive industry (leaf springs are standard in long-haul automobiles).

VULY Thunder has several pre-curved leaf springs that connect from below the jump mat to the trampoline’s base. The leaf springs’ location (below the mat) eliminates most of the hazards seen in coil-based systems.

Like Springfree’s design, VULY Thunder’s construction allows kids to safely jump to the edges of the mat without experiencing pinched toes, pinched fingers, or their feet getting trapped.

The VULY Thunder scores more; it can hold up to 330 pounds. On the other hand, Springfree has a maximum weight capacity of 220 pounds.

In terms of shapes, the best Springfree trampolines are available in round, square, and oval. Compare this to VULY, which only offers round frames.

Why does VULY prefer round trampolines?

They believe that placing the leaf springs around the circular frame leads to a more consistent bounce and directs jumpers to the jump mat center, which is the safest spot to play from.

How does the warranty for the two companies stack up?

Springfree’s warranty conditions are more favorable than VULY. With Springfree, you get a 10-year limited warranty on their trampoline’s mats, frames, safety net, rods, and net poles.

VULY offers a 10-year warranty on the trampoline frame, but the story is different when it comes to jumping mats (5 years), net poles (1 year), leaf springs (1 year), and safety net (1 year).

Bottom line: 

Both Springfree and VULY offer excellent trampolines, with VULY Thunder being Springfree’s closest competitor. That said, if a higher weight limit and lower price are your top considerations, VULY Thunder will do. On the other hand, if you need a superior trampoline with an extended warranty or prefer non-circular models, pick Springfree.

Can you leave a Springfree trampoline outside in the winter?

Yes. Springfree trampolines are designed from top-tier materials. They are also created to stand the test of time. This means you can leave the trampoline outside in winter and keep jumping even in snow.

Wrap up

If you’re looking for the safest trampoline and one that you won’t regret down the road, go for Springfree trampoline. The design and engineering of this trampoline eliminate all the possible hazards that make jumping on a trampoline dangerous for both children and adults.

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