Best Basketball Hoop for Trampolines: 6 Top Picks and How to Choose

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So, can you add a basketball hoop to a trampoline? Here’s what you need to know to find the best trampoline basketball hoop for your needs. 

There are a bunch of trampoline games and routines that get boring pretty fast. 

Trampoline basketball is not one of them. 

Playing basketball on a trampoline can inject loads of fun into regular bouncing. It is also one of the best ways to have fun on all size trampolines with people of all ages. 

The fun kicks off with thinking up some unique trampoline basketball hoop ideas. But you do not have to buy multiple trampoline accessories to enjoy slam-dunking fun. 

You can get a trampoline basketball set that’ll fit into your existing trampoline. 

Whether you are looking for a trampoline basketball hoop replacement or to install one for the first time, this guide has got you covered. 

But first, a little background real quick. 

Why Buy a Basketball Hoop for your Trampoline?

Trampolines with a basketball hoop are not just more fun. They are also healthier, more engaging, and safe.

There’s more.

You can do the following with them.

  • Take turns to shoot some hoops. 
  • Practice big air dunks on a safe surface
  • Pull your kids away from addictive video games to play outdoors.
  • Make trampoline exercises more fun.
  • Turn regular trampoline bouncing into a backyard sport.
  • Make basketball training more fun and safe.

But is trampoline basketball safe?

A trampoline with a basketball is not more dangerous than a regular bouncer if you take care to follow trampoline safety tips. You can read our trampoline safety guide here

Keep an eye on your players, especially the smaller children. 

For instance, younger children will be looking at older children’s trampoline basketball moves. Then they will naturally try to do those tricks themselves. 

But while you want to encourage new challenges and attempts, you do not want them to hurt themselves while at it. 

Remember to provide guidance accordingly to avoid trampoline accidents.

Should you make a basketball hoop for your trampoline?  

It seems like a lot of fun to go out and DIY a trampoline basketball hoop. 

But you may prefer to get a basketball goal that’s proven safe and durable. You also want trampoline basketball accessories that have been tested to install, work, and hold their strength over time.

You do not want a basketball goal that will trip over and cause an accident, either. 

Buying one can mean not having to wonder if you got everything right for your specific trampoline. 

With that background in mind, what are the top basketball hoops for your trampoline? 

What is the Best Outdoor Basketball Hoop for a Trampoline?

Turning your trampoline into a basketball court is easy when you have the right set. 

Here are some top options to help you decide which one is right for your trampolining needs.

  1. Double Basketball Hoops by Skywalker Trampolines

This pick makes creating double swirls of fun feel like child’s play. And setting it up is a 10 to 30 minutes job, depending on the tools you have. 

Then you can create two targets for single bouncers when the side-by-side hoops face inwards. Or you can turn the rings outwards to engage multiple players at the same time.

There’s more. 

Instead of a solid backboard, the hoop uses a large-size net. 

That can be great for stopping the ball from escaping into the neighbor’s yard. But it might not be as good for making bank shots, especially in windy conditions.     

The trampoline basketball hoop set includes padded hoops and a breakaway rim to help keep players safe.

Something else. The side-by-side hoops may provide a great platform to face off with friends. However, keep in mind the American Academy of Pediatricians doesn’t recommend having several bouncers on the trampoline at the same time. You decide.     

What you may like:

  • Good potential for bringing several players together and accommodate more than one slam dunker at the same time 
  • It is ideal for providing multiple targets, improving players’ ball-handling, including growing skills for scoring at varying angles. 
  • Breakaway attachment snaps out when it reaches its weight limit. 
  • It will also attach to most Skywalker trampolines.
  • Expect two foam balls.

What you might not like:

  • It needs to attach on a 6-pole, 15-foot round trampoline, so it is not universally compatible with other trampolines as other options on this review.
  • The flimsy backboard may be inefficient for making bank shots.
  • The soft and flexible backboard material can also be prohibitive in windy conditions.

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  1. VersaHoop Basketball Hoop with Breakaway Rim

If you are on the hunt for an easy to attach, install, or use basketball hoop, this may be a good option for you. 

With its patented breakaway rim and clamp-on ball combination, you can install it practically anywhere. 

The clamp-on mechanism makes it easy to attach to arched, straight, vertical, horizontal, or curved poles up to 2 inches in diameter. That also means you adjust its height to a level you or your children are comfortable with.  

The breakaway rim is also crucial to have for safe and fun slam dunks. 

It detaches from the pole’s upper side when enough force contacts its padded surface. But it clips back to stability immediately after.

Another highlight is the set comes with a solid PP backboard. Practicing bank shots won’t be a problem here. 

It is also attractive in its white, blue, and orange hoop contrast. That means even if you are facing the sun, you still can make out the hoop from the opposite side of the trampoline.  

What you may like:

  • 6+ inches foam padding helps keep things safe and immersive 
  • It is solid yet lightweight and detachable, which makes it one of the best portable basketball hoop for a trampoline right now
  • The high-contrast backboard makes aiming from afar simple
  • Easy installation is a plus
  • Quick breakaway rim technology helps protect jumping slam dunkers.

What you might not like:

  • The backboard has no reinforcement or UV protection. 

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  1. 15-Foot Jump N Dunk Trampoline Basketball Hoops by Skywalker Trampolines

Expect superior build quality, versatile uses, and installation ease–some of the benefits that make it one of the best-selling basketball hoops for trampolines. 

One reason is installing it just takes tying it up at the top of your net poles. Easy.

Skywalker’s Jump N Dunk hoop is not just lightweight at a mere 1 pound in weight. It also comes with a hoop and loop breakaway mechanism. 

That means dunking hard won’t bend or damage your enclosure poles. The mechanism would absorb the energy instead of transferring it to your bars.

It is also waterproof, meaning it’ll stay in good condition even if you live and play in a wet climate or high-humidity area.   

What you may like:

  • Soft materials and thick padding help prevent accidents.
  • The large backboard helps keep the ball inside the trampoline. 
  • Breakaway mechanism adds to its safety and slamming fun.
  • Contrasting colors making spotting the hoop easy and fun
  • The set includes a durable foam ball.
  • Just snap the hoop out to replace it. 

What you might not like:

  • It is designed for Skywalker trampolines, so it may not be a good fit for different bands.
  • There’s no UV protection for the soft backboard material either.

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  1. JumpTastic Trampoline Basketball Hoop with PP Backboard 

A highlight of JumpTastic’s popular hoop set is its PP material basketball board. It makes playing basketball on a trampoline reminiscent of playing on an actual court. That helps provide an immersive, pro-level feeling. 

You can also adjust the hoop’s tilt to fit a straight or curved enclosure pole. 

And if you need to slam dunk, JumpTastic made the loop attachment flexible enough to flex downwards instead of hold and probably cause injuries.    

What you may like:

  • The backboard is excellent for directing bank shots in
  • Breakaway design means fewer injuries and damages to your poles.
  • Its universal clamp attachment style makes using it with arched, curved, or straight poles hassle-free.
  • Adjustable tilt design makes it easy to use with both newbies and pros.
  • Its durable steel frame won’t break easily.
  • It looks great, too.

What you might not like:

  • At about 9.7 pounds hefty, it’ll need a strong enclosure pole network to support it without any issues.
  • The included inflatable ball may not last as long as a foam option.

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  1. Jump Slammer Basketball Hoop with Lifetime Parts Warranty

JumpSlammer’s trampoline basketball hoop is made to last. It comes with powder coated and UV-protected materials. So it’ll last long in good condition outdoors in the rain or summer heat. 

You can also attach it to most trampoline poles; straight, curved, or arched. If your bouncer’s enclosure poles are 1.5 inches or smaller, it’ll do just fine.  

You won’t need to have a specific trampoline brand to enjoy its fun features. Just strap it on your existing bouncer, and you are good to go. 

That also means it is an excellent option if you are looking for a trampoline basketball hoop replacement and can’t find a specific one by your current trampoline brand.

The Jump Slammer hoop also comes with a double-bracket mount that you attach on the lower side of the support poles. So It’ll hold steady and safely for both shots and dunks.

What you may like:

  • It’s a fit for most trampolines.
  • It is a versatile pick that’s also easy to install.
  • It offers a remarkable, lifetime warranty.
  • Airball prevention net keeps the ball inside for longer.
  • Foam ball is durable compared to inflatable balls.
  • Flexible rim offers adjustable tilt to ease or make play more challenging. 

What you might not like:

  • It does not have the studiest breakaway hoop for dunking.
  • Not compatible with SpringFree or EXACME trampolines   

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  1. ProFlex Basketball Hoop by JumpSport

Like the JumpTastic hoop mentioned earlier, this JumpSport basketball goal offers a sturdy PP material backboard. That can help guide shots in as a matter of style for pros or training for beginners. 

However, its backboard is reinforced, which is excellent for withstanding pro-level or heavy dunking by older, stronger players.  

It is also attractive with bright orange and black decorations that contrast with the black hoop. So the rim is easy to distinguish from the opposite end of the bouncer.  

But unlike the JumpTastic hoop, this one comes with U-bolt mounting accessories to fasten it to any type of enclosure poles.

What you might like:

  • Toughened backboard supports beginner- to pro-level trampoline games and routines.
  • U-bolt attachment style makes it easy to mount on any type of pole.
  • It comes with a rubber-kickball-like basketball to match and boost safety.
  • Meshy net helps keep users’ fingers unstuck 
  • Thick pads around the rims can help prevent forearm injuries.

What you might not like:

  • Inflatable basketball may not hold up as well as a foam ball.
  • The hoop-backboard attachment style may not be the sturdiest we’ve seen.

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And there you have them. 

But you might be wondering what we considered in each hoop to rank it among the best on the market right now.

Let’s dig into that for a quick moment.

How to Choose the Best Basketball Hoop for Trampolines? 

You may have noticed a pattern in this trampoline basketball hoops review.

Some basketball hoop features are essential for trampoline basketball. Others improve safety, fun, and variety. 

Others are nice to have.  

So, what should you look for when buying a basketball hoop for a trampoline?

  • Safety comes first

Let’s take construction, for example. 

You want a sturdy hoop that is both durable and flexible. 

But you also want it soft and padded to avoid nasty trampoline accidents. So pick one that offers that combination, including metallic and soft plastic in its build. 

You also want a hoop that attaches to a pole just right, with no wiggle room for added safety. That can mean getting a set with an adjustable backboard, netting, and hoop. Or a hoop that attaches securely to a straight, curved, or arched pole.

Still, breakaway rims can help boost safety while dunking and shooting when you put too much pressure on them.  

  • Features that add to the fun and longevity

Does it have dual hoops to provide multiple shooting targets, for instance?

Can the hoops turn around if you want to shoot from the outside?

Is the backboard large and firm enough to help direct the ball in? Or does it keep breaking the fun by allowing the ball to slide outside?

Also, outdoor basketball hoops that come with UV protection can last longer under different weather conditions. 

  • Consider your trampoline size

Some basketball hoops’ design fits onto most trampolines. Others are designed for use in specific trampoline models.  

Taller users will need a hoop that sits higher than smaller players would. That would afford them more room to practice elaborate moves such as 360-degree spins and big air dunks.

Often, small children haven’t developed the flexibility, coordination, and skill to make sophisticated moves safely. So you can discourage dunking for kids by placing the hoop a little higher for safety reasons.

  • See what type of hoop you need for your specific trampoline

There are unique hoop construction designs for in-ground and regular, kid-friendly and full-size, as well as fitness-oriented or home-fun-friendly trampolines.

For instance, while regular trampoline hoops attach to one of the supporting poles, an in-ground trampoline needs a standalone hoop installation.

  • Compare what’s in the box

Some trampoline basketball sets include one ball. 

Others include two balls and two nets for almost the same price. 

You’ll find some sets offer more accessories, such as a ladder and tough net enclosure. Others do not include some accessories. 

Yet other packages provide in-depth guidelines than others. 

So, consider what option affords you the most value for your bucks. 

  • Think about the warranty

You do not want to keep shelling out money for trampoline basketball hoop repairs and replacements. So remember to check the kind of assurances your manufacturer and seller are willing to take at their expense. 

Often, the more extended and unlimited the warranty, the higher the quality and durability you can expect from the purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions About Trampoline Basketball Hoops 

How do you install a trampoline basketball hoop?

Most basketball hoop manufacturers include installation instructions in each package. Follow those guidelines to make a fun and safe basketball goal.  

Do trampoline basketball hoops come in different sizes?

Yes. Older players can use larger hoops, while smaller ones are suitable for younger children. 

What size slam ball should I get?

Many trampoline basketball hoop sets come with the right size ball included. You can also buy different ball sizes to add variety to your rounds.

How high should a trampoline basketball hoop be?

The right height for a trampoline basketball hoop matches the trampoline size and your skill level. The trampoline size, in turn, should be the correct size trampoline for your height, age, and weight. See our guide to trampoline sizes here.  

How high do you need to jump to dunk in a trampoline basketball hoop?

Start at a height where you can snap down the rim with your dominant hand consistently. Then progress from there. Raise the hoop to vary the challenge over time. 

To boost your jump, approach from the left and lift off from your left foot with the ball in your right hand (if right-handed). Do the opposite if you are a leftie.

How do I keep my basketball hoop from falling?

Ensure it grips your trampoline poles firmly. It should be the right size for your bars, trampoline, and accessories, too. Also, avoid hanging on the hoop.  

How much weight can a trampoline basketball hoop hold?

Different hoops will have varying weight limits. So check your manufacturer’s recommendations before use. 

Are portable basketball hoops safe?

They are as long as you install them properly before use. You also need to take care when mounting and unmounting portable basketball hoops on a trampoline. 

How do you store a portable basketball hoop for winter?

Keep it as you would your trampoline parts in winter. Store it away in a cool, dry place. Rub some wax on exposed metallic parts to keep them from rusting. 


Jumping on a trampoline is fun. But the excitement can wear off as fast at it came. 

Finding the right basketball hoop for your trampoline can take your bouncing experience to a whole new level. It can vary your trampoline routines and games.

It can make working out much more fun. 

It can help improve your or your loved ones’ basketball skills.

You can invite several people over to face off by taking turns to slam-dunk, bank-shot, and shoot mini basketballs with style. 

So, consider the good, the bad, and the ugly of the trampoline basketball sets we’ve covered here. Then you can decide what’s right for you now and in the foreseeable future. 

Happy trampoline basketballing!  

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